Sunday, March 3, 2013

Muslim General punches a German female soldier stationed in Turkey

Not a peep from the Euro-Weenies at NATO HQ; no international outcry from the lapdog media

by Eric Dondero 

Fuckin' unbelievable! 

German soldiers are deployed in Turkey to protect patriot missile batteries and to act as a deterrent to any aggressions from across the border with Syria. 

So,  how do the Turks repay the German kindness, not too mention the German AND American taxpayers who are fitting the bill for NATO operations?  By slapping around their female soldiers, that's how.

From, "Wehrbeauftragter klagt über Missstände" ([German] Officers complain of abuses) March 2:
Die Zusammenarbeit mit der türkischen Seite werde "überwiegend als problematisch empfunden" heißt es darin. Während des Besuchs von Verteidigungsminister Thomas de Maizière habe ein türkischer General eine deutsche Soldatin geschubst, die den Verkehr der Delegationsautos habe regeln wollen. Sie habe danach über Prellungen geklagt.
(Translation h/t Chernandenine)
Cooperation with the Turkish side is seen as problematic. During the visit of defence minister Thomas de Maizière a Turkish general pushed a German [female] soldier who intended to control the traffic of the delegation vehicles. Afterwards she complained about bruises.
The report goes on to cite instances where Muslim soldiers are shooting dogs on the German Army base.  Dogs of course, including working dogs, are considered verboten in Muslim culture.

This should be an international incident worthy of the attentions of the Daily Telegraph, Le Monde, Der Spiegel, USA Today, WaPo, NY Times, CNN, Fox News.  Not a one has picked up the story.

Imagine for a second, some US Army commissioned officer ordering a Muslim woman to take off her burka while on a U.S. military base. Or, some German Army captain at some function for dignataries, pushing a wife of a Turkish military officer. 

As it is, so far, all quiet on the Western front.


Libertarian Advocate said...

America's flag staff: Stoneless wonders gelded by the Obamphate's chief Vizier.

Eric Dondero said...



If it wasn't for my moderate fluency in German, NOBODY IN THE UNITED STATES would know about this happening.

KN@PPSTER said...

"Dogs of course, including working dogs, are considered verboten in Muslim culture."

Someone must have forgotten to tell the Saudis that.

Eric Dondero said...

Ahh, new photo. I like the new look. Sort of Mountain manish. Is that what you were aiming for?

KN@PPSTER said...

I was aiming for "southern country gentleman." I now live in Florida and have livestock. Okay, it's just chickens, but it's a start.

Chuck said...

"I was aiming for "southern country gentleman."

You landed somewhere else. If Oscar Wilde was a rodeo clown and dressed for church...

Just kidding.

Eric Dondero said...

I'll remember to make sure you take off your shoes, next time you come to my house. Don't need no chicken shit on the carpet.

KN@PPSTER said...

That may be the nicest thing you've ever said to me, Chuck.

If I ever come to your house, Eric, I'll make sure not to wear my farmin' boots. Once the chickens are out of the brooder box and into the coop, I'm trying to decide whether to proceed to bee-keeping or to to get a pair of goats (to keep the grass down and create bulk fertilizer for the crops).

Just started germinating sunflowers. I'm hoping to get about a quarter acre of them in this year and use the seeds as chicken feed.

Anyway, back to the dog thing: When I was in Saudi Arabia, there were lots of dogs, and not just wild ones -- every Bedouin group seemed to have at least one working stock dog. We took a dog that one Marine wanted to take home to the vet for its shots, and nobody seemed to have a problem with it. Did a little googling yesterday and Saudi Arabia has dog parks and "dog-friendly"-advertised hotels and beaches.