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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Michelle cheers Rand's fillibuster

From Eric Dondero: 

Libertarian-conservative stalwart Michelle Malkin on Fox News this morning, enthusiastically proclaiming "Stand with Rand."
[Rand's fillibuster] riveting TV all day and night...
Mild shocker: Sometime around 12:00 midnight establishment Republican Mitch McConnell "wandered on over" to lend Rand a hand. 
Here's the Republican Party worried about its tarnished brand, and trying to reach out to other constituencies.  Well, it happened last night, as a result of this incredible show... not just from Rand, but back-up from Ted Cruz...
 Yes, the lip sinking for the video is off a bit. Just stick with it.


Lisa said...

Too bad he's all talk...he'll just pull another Hagel when it comes down to the vote...no confidence. Don't trust him.

citizen121 said...

fox news has a target audience of idiots and septuagenarians. most of their advertising is overpriced gold coins for the idiots and hip replacements for the septuagenarians.

mccain and the wall street journal both called rand on his pointless rant this morning. the difference between fox news and mccain and the wall street journal is that nobody takes fox news seriously.

rand pulled a time-wasting stunt to draw attention to himself but he pretty much guaranteed no one will take him seriously as a presidential candidate

Kc Lion said...

Go Rand!
Go Michelle!
That is what we need, people who stand up and take it back to the Dem's.

(But what did it accomplish?!)

It draws attention to the Drone strikes and where Brennan and Ubama stand on it.

Like Roaches they flee at the first sign of light!

KN@PPSTER said...

It's nice to see the term "filibuster" used as intended for once, instead of being abused to describe "couldn't get a vote for cloture."

As far as Hagel is concerned, I thought it was silly of some libertarians to get all exercised in favor of his appointment. He's just another hack. The only real positive of the confirmation hearings was that it clearly exposed those US Senators who seem to be under the mistaken impression that they're actually members of the Knesset.

Lisa said...

oops, Krapster, your antisemitism is showing!

Now we have Brennan too. I guess we deserve what we get. More Islamists at some of the highest positions of power in the US and Mooch giving awards to others...great...see that Sharia creeping in?

jgeleff said...

I think Michelle Malkin is REALLY hot.

Gary said...

Google Michelle Malkin bikini

KN@PPSTER said...


I'm not anti-semitic. I'm not even anti-Israel. But the entire case of red-ass with Hagel is that he didn't place Israel's interest ahead of the interests of the US. That seems like a strange criterion for a US Secretary of Defense. Doesn't Israel have its own defense minister? Why would it need ours, too?

Lisa said...

I would tend to think that in the case of the Middle East and our interests,our foreign policy would align with Israel's and vice versa, given that we are both the closest thing to a democracy possible in the entire area. Israel is quickly coming to the conclusion that it does not have US support and rightly so. I hope they do what we do not have the balls to do. And why in God's name are we giving Egypt 250 million in aid and F16s, arming and training Syrian rebels, wagging a scary finger at Iran...the list goes on!? How can we afford all this foreign aid when Obama can't even afford to let us tour the White House anymore. Plus the White House Calligraphers didn't get a raise this year?! It's crazy! I think even God is getting pissed, did you see the swarm of locusts he sent to Egypt! Sounds familiar, eh? And Michelle Malkin is both hot and intelligent! That's why the left hates her so! All that being said, I still don't trust Rand anymore!

Lisa said...

This article is also relevant to the confirmations of Hagel and Brennan and why this doesn't look good for the future of America and freedom.


citizen121 said...

"the left" doesn't trust malkin because she's on fox, and fox has been specifically designed by the wealthiest americans to scare the shit out of stupid people (it has nothing to do with her bikini).

i don't trust rand either. why?? because he's an idiot. he just stood on the floor of congress and wondered aloud if the president was considering dropping a hellfire missile on jane fonda.

rand wasted 13 hours of the american people's time in a totally gratuitous display of self-aggrandizement while looking and sounding like a complete moron.

Rational Nation USA said...

Yeah. But then again it beats continual pointless drivel over the sequestration.

jgeleff said...

Citizen121, if you consider getting an important constitutional question answered "gratuitous", then you just aren't paying attention.

M. Simon said...

Blogged it at:


A bug in the drone wars.

M. Simon said...

BTW Code Pink and Amnesty International Support Rand on this issue.

M. Simon said...

KN@PPSTER said...'

Well I suppose it would be better if we were allied with the Nazis of the Muslim Brotherhood.

M. Simon said...

Rand's filibuster pointless? He is running for President in 2016. He got a lot of publicity out of "pointless". You can't buy that kind of coverage unless you are a Democrat. And they give it to them for free too.

citizen121 said...

pfffffff yeah right jgeleff...

will obama drop a hellfire missile on jane fonda?? this is an important constitutional question, right??

actually, it's more total bullshit from the right, using their influence to scare the shit out of the idiots who make up their constituency by demonizing obama. it's totally transparent to anyone who has more than two brain synapses firing at the same time.

like bobby jindal said, the GOP has got to stop being the stupid party.

M. Simon said...


Transparent to any one with more than two brain cells firing? Of Course.

That probably explains why Code Pink and Amnesty International support Rand's filibuster.

The question that you have to ask yourself is will it work generally? So far the answer is yes. Too bad for you eh?

citizen121 said...

m. simon: what in the sam fuck are you talking about?? why is your post mis-spelled, capitalized incorrectly, with bad grammar?? are you drinking already?? will you even remember this post in 2 hours??

M. Simon said...


The misspelling is intentional. The capitalization is my own style. I can do that because I'm a professional writer. Individual style. Get some.

BTW if I need a spell checker I know who call. Any other talents?

citizen121 said...

m. simon:

you're a professional writer?? and you're wasting your time posting on this website?? you must have a lot of time on your hands!!

what do you write that you actually get paid for??

get some!!

M. Simon said...

Yes. I do have a lot of time on my hands. I'm nominally "retired".

What do I write about professionally? Electronics. And technology in general. I get to do it from my bedroom. Saves a commute. Very ecological.

Why do I 'waste' my time here? Well Eric and I are old i'net friends.