Thursday, March 7, 2013

House Subcommittee on Environment hearings on Global Warming: postponed due to snow

by Clifford F. Thies 

Say my hell is the closet 
I'm stuck inside 
Can't see the light ... 
Keep it locked up inside 
Don't talk about it Talk about the weather 
"So Much to Say," Dave Matthews Band 

The hearing scheduled for today (March 6th) by the House Subcommittee on Environment addressing what we know about global warming was postponed today on account of snow. 

Yes, we've been "treading trodden trails for a long, long time" on this issue. How the theory once described as global warming became consistent with any set of outcomes, warming, cooling, fluctuating and not fluctuating. So, the theory morphed into "climate change," which like its predecessor theory is consistent with any set of outcomes including even non-change. 

It's such a bullet proof theory, nothing could ever contradict it. Not even fifteen years of no trend in global temperature. The current mojo to explain why global temperature isn't changing is that anthropomorphic carbon dioxide is being off-set by anthropomorphic sulphur dioxide from the dirty industries of China and other middle income countries.

 It's like two big guys intent on rape and pillage both trying to get through a narrow doorway at the same time. They block each other and neither gets through. But, if this is what is really happening, wouldn't it be a mistake for us to cause either of the two big guys to step aside? 

The incessant effort to explain every change in the climate, including the lack of change, as due to anthropomorphic activity amounts to a denial of natural variation and is unscientific. Why, a meteor could come out of nowhere and explode in the sky with the force of a 10 megaton nuclear bomb and the IPCC would still insist that we're in charge of the weather. 

 Photo h/t - liberallies blogspot