Friday, March 29, 2013


Cyprus, Greece crisis, plus Muslim invasion of Europe seen as most likely causes of Wilder's surge 

The Sydney Herald Sun reports (via the Dutch news site algemeen), "Wilders’ party now Netherlands’ most popular":
The PVV would win the most seats in the House of Representatives if an election were held now. 
That is the finding of a poll by Maurice de Hond on… With 24 seats, the party of Geert Wilders would have one more than the VVD, with 23. The PvdA would have 18 seats, according to the latest poll, giving the two ruling parties a total of 41 seats. That is the lowest total since the election in September 2012, when the parties of Diederik Samsom and [Prime Minister Mark] Rutte together won 79 seats.
Wilders seen as the heir to Dutch libertarians, anti-Islam/gay rights activist Pim Fortuyn, and free speech advocate and filmmaker Theo van Gogh
Dutch politician Geert Wilders on his visit to Australia this year was vilified, hindered and smeared, while his audiences were attacked. It was the kind of shameful dehumanisation and incitement to hate that forces him to live under constant heavy security. 
What wasn’t deployed against him here was rational argument on the points he makes on issues I believe also trouble many Australians. 
He was abused, not answered. Much the same happened in Hollard to another Dutch politician - the fascinating, eloquent gay sociologist Pim Fortuyn, who was eventually murdered by a green in part for saying what Wilders says now, that importing many Muslim immigrants can be a threat to the kind of social freedoms, not least free speech and gay rights, Western nations take for granted. 
Fortuyn, like Wilders, was Euro-sceptic, as he explained to director Theo van Gogh, later himself murdered by a Muslim extremist. Here the two soon-to-be-assassinated men discuss the EU.


Ex-Dissident said...

I thought he was under house arrest for something. I still have issues with Wilders on the socialist aspects of his party platform, but overall I like him. If he were living in the US, I think he might abandon all the socialist nonsense. On the other hand, we would never allow a man like him to come here to live these days. The democrats are too keen to select out anyone sensible from being granted an entry visa and they mostly recruit disabled lunatics to come here and vote for them.

Rational Nation USA said...

I'm sure you have reams of documented proof for these allegations, right.

Perhaps you might provide them via link here LP News?

Rational Nation USA said...

Oops, LR News.