Thursday, March 14, 2013

2008 Libertarian Presidential candidate Bob Barr to run for US Congress as a Republican


From Eric Dondero: 

We reported yesterday on rumors of a Bob Barr run. Now it's virtually confirmed. The Examiner reports, "Barr to jump into GA-11 race, Gingrey quietly plans Senate run":
Former Congressman and 2008 Libertarian presidential nominee Bob Barr has allegedly told supporters that he will indeed run for Congress again, as a Republican in Georgia's 11th District. Barr was at a Rotary Club meeting at the Georgian Club by Cobb Galleria and informed supporters that he was "unambiguous" in his desire to run. 
Barr has been at many more Republican events within the 11th district over the past year, after leaving for the Libertarian platform.
And this from the PeachPundit:
At a private event at the Georgian Club tonight, former Republican Congressman and Libertarian Presidential nominee Bob Barr told the group he is running for Congress, in Georgia, for the 11th District. According to reports in to Peach Pundit.
Editor's note - I was a petitioner in Barr's 2008 presidential race, petitioning for Bob and his running mate Wayne Root in 8 different states. All the best in your new venture Bob!


Rational Nation USA said...

I cannot think of a more uninspiring individual, well perhaps former Senator and now Secretary of State John Kerry may be in the same league as Barr.

At any rate Barr elicits the big Z's.

Celina Smith said...

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jgeleff said...

Bob Barr is a Republican. Not a Libertarian. In other words, he's a statist. I have no idea how he got the nomination in '08. It's the only time in the last 16 years that I haven't voted Libertarian for president.

Eric Dondero said...

Because at the time he was willing to come out for legalization of marijuana.

And the Libertarian Party needed some credibility in running a congressman.