Thursday, February 21, 2013

You thought Jesse Jackson, Jr. was a big fish? Look to Boston. Huge scandal emerging, could snare Democrat Lt. Governor Tim Murray

Photo - Boston Globe
Governor Deval Patrick next target of investigators? 

by Eric Dondero 

It's all the talk of the local Boston media. But oddly, only crickets from national media, particularly left-leaning reliables like CNN, MSNBC, WaPo, NYTimes, There's a possible explanation. The perp just copped a plea deal in return for spilling the beans on a number of Boston pols. 

 From WGBH, "Ex-Chelsea Housing Chief Pleas Guilty; AG May Have a Bigger Target in Mind":
On Tuesday, former Chelsea Housing Authority chief Michael McLaughlin plead guilty to federal charges for padding his salary and attempting to hide the fact. McLaughlin is cooperating with federal investigators but could face further charges at the state level. Federal investigators and Attorney General Martha Coakley may have their sights set on a bigger fish — namely, Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray (photo behind Gov.). McLaughlin allegedly ran illegal fundraisers for Murray.
More from the Boston Globe:
State campaign finance regulators have found evidence that Lieutenant Governor Timothy P. Murray may have violated state law by accepting political donations from the disgraced former Chelsea housing director. In a previously undisclosed letter, sent in September, they asked the attorney general to investigate Murray, as well as key members of his campaign team. If eventually charged and found guilty of knowingly accepting illegally raised campaign contributions, the lieutenant governor could face up to six months in jail and a fine of up to $500 for each violation.
The emerging scandal has already caused some damage to Murray. He has decided against a run for Governor in 2014 to replace his boss Deval Patrick. (Which opens up the door for Republican Scott Brown.) But is there more there, not being mentioned yet by the Boston press? What did the Governor know, and when did he know it?

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