Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Yippee!! Wisconsites are giving the middle finger to State's repressive, totalitarian seat belt law

Libertarian sentiment growing... State's vehicle drivers are sending out a mighty Fuck You! to state bureaucrats, cops and liberal do-gooders wanting to force them to buckle up 

From the SheboyganPress, "Seatbelt use not rising in Wisconsin despite 'Click It or Ticket' campaign":
Wisconsin last year spent thousands of public dollars, dispatched hundreds of local police agencies and ran numerous television and radio advertisements all to spur drivers to do something that takes just a second. Fasten a seatbelt. 
However, despite this massive public safety awareness campaign, called “Click It or Ticket,” the state has made little recent progress in increasing the number of people who use seatbelts. 
State surveys indicate that one out of every five Wisconsin motorists don’t buckle up and Wisconsin trails the nation, and its neighboring states, in seat belt use.
Editor's note - In the entire 30+ paragraph piece, not one single individual was quoted or cited in opposition to seat belt laws. The Sheboygan Press did nothing but promulgate pro-government propaganda to push for even tougher seat belt regulations and fines. 

Note also, cops cannot see inside your vehicle at night.  Looking to do a little naughty libertarian civil disobedience?  Unbuckle when the sun goes down.  

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Jemas said...

Yeah, seatbelts, they're so repressive. And for that matter, why do people need licenses to drive cars? If you're old enough to reach the gas pedals, you're old enough to drive.

So please, unbuckle when the sun goes down. The world could use a little more natural selection, and anyone who is stupid enough to want to remove a safety device when driving a vehicle at 60 miles per hour in order to flip the finger at a law designed to promote safety and responsibility clearly needs to get the hell out of the gene pool.

Queens, New York, NY