Friday, February 1, 2013

Where's Alicia Menendez? HuffPo TV host/MSNBC regular disappears from the airwaves: Daddy's under-age Hooker problems, ties to IRS cheat, to blame?


 From Eric Dondero:

 A owl-eyed LR reader spotted the curious disappearance all of a sudden of Alicia Menendez, the mouth-watering super hot correspondent for HuffPo and frequent contributor to Rachel Maddow's MSNBC. The sharp-tongued Republican-bashing Menendez has left the airwave. Daddy's problems with under-age hookers and IRS cheats to blame?

 Bob's buddy Dr. Salomon Melgen a huge Democrat donor: Gave to top Dems including Dodd, Schumer, Harkin, Nelson to help keep the IRS Agents away

Breitbart has an expose on Dr. Melgin's IRS problems. Seems the guy who allegedly supplied both male and female prostitutes, some allegedly under-age to the good Senator from New Jersey, has an $11.1 million outstanding bill from the IRS.
Ophthalmologist and Democratic political donor Dr. Salomon Melgen may have tried to buy cover from the IRS for the $11.1 million he owes in back taxes from 2006 to present, Breitbart News has learned. Melgen may have intended to court politicians with political donations and prostitutes with the hopes that they would help him wipe his IRS slate clean. Melgen was a political donor from as far back as the early 1990s. According to Federal Election Commission records published on the Center for Responsive Politics website, Melgen made his first political donation to a young first-term Democratic U.S. Congressman: Bob Menendez. After that $500 donation, Melgen’s friendship with Menendez developed further (the two were reportedly close before Menendez first took office).
A Clinton connection emerges?

It gets better. One of the biggest donations he made was to Hillary Rodham-Clinton brother Hugh Rodham, former Democrat candidate for US Senate.
Melgen and his wife Flor started making more political donations to Menendez and other politicians and groups. As the years went by, the donations grew in size. Melgen became a regular on the political circuit. He hosted fundraisers for candidates and became close with the Clinton family throughout the 1990s. Salomon and Flor Melgen donated $2,000 total to President Bill Clinton’s 1996 re-election campaign, after having given $3,000 to Hillary Clinton’s brother—Hugh Rodham—for his failed 1994 U.S. Senate bid out of Florida.
New theory emerges: Is Melgen himself the whistle-blower?

 An extremely perceptive observation from a Breitbart reader in the comments section:
Melgen didn't get the help he thought he paid for so he ratted out the John( the name we call a prostitutes customer), Menendez! Do you think guys like Melgen give politicians money and trips and prostitutes because they like them? OHHHH NOOOOOO, when Melgen need a favor in return he couldn't collect so guess what, he had the beans spilled, Menendez thinks he can get away with what he did because of who is in power now, he most likely told Melgen to take a hike.
Menendez-gate now a "media circus"

Tucker's Carlson's TheDailyCaller, which first broke the Menendez prostitute scandal back in October reports that the Senator was harangued by reporters after a NJ Chamber of Commerce luncheon yesterday. He dashed out of the room, not taking any reporter's questions.

Even liberal media outlets like Politico were badgering him to fess up.

The Inquirer’s Joelle Farrell followed up a few minutes later on Twitter,writing that she found it "kind of surreal to hear... "Did you sleep with  prostitutes, Senator?" at Menendez while we practically ran down the hall." 
Writing for Politico, Gibson reported late Thursday night that Menendez “did not respond to a flurry of questions as a crowd of reporters – many from his home state – followed him out of the speech.” 
“A grim-faced Sen. Robert Menendez scurried out of the ballroom,” the Asbury Park Press told its readers.
when the non-right-wing Miami Herald reported Tuesday night that the FBI had raided the business of Menendez’s campaign donor and alleged Dominican sex-party collaborator Salomon Melgen, Menendez-gate became a post-partisan media circus. 
And this stunning headline from the hyper-liberal WashingtonPost:

Who had the worst week in Washington?  Bob Menendez (D-NJ)
Pay for Play emerges

And now this, just breaking...  Menendez may have used his influence to peddle for an American business overseas, owned coincidentally by Dr. Melgin.  From, "Menendez pushed US to help doctor’s business in the Dominican Republic":

Sen. Bob Menendez used his influence to advocate for a Dominican Republic business deal that helped a longtime friend and donor whose South Florida office was raided by federal agents this week.
Menendez questioned Obama administration officials at a July hearing about what it was doing to help U.S. businesses that he felt were being unfairly treated by the government of the Dominican Republic and other Latin American countries.
One of the companies Menendez was apparently referring to: ICSSI, acquired the year before by Dr. Salomon Melgen, a Palm Beach County eye doctor and friend. The company was seeking to enforce a contract it had won to X-ray Dominican Republic port cargo that could be worth $500 million to $1 billion over two decades.

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