Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What to do when you're a politician who finds himself in a sex scandal


From Alicia Menendez, HuffPo Live host, MSNBC guest co-anchor and daughter of US Senator Bob Menendez, Democrat, NJ back in 2011.

From an article she wrote "What to Do When Scandals Hit" DailyGrito, regarding then New York Governor Elliot Spitzer:
So you’ve found yourself embroiled in a scandal, huh? That must be pretty terrifying. I’m tempted to ask if you’ve done something wrong but if you’re anxious enough to be looking for advice on the internet, the chances are this is a pretty bad. Admitting that you’ve done something wrong is the first step. If you’re there, that’s half the battle.

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Doom said...

Usually, if you are a Dem in office, you can get away with anything. ANYthing, sex with hookers, other women, other wives, boys, why not girls? They are truly libertine in most matters. Drugs? Check. Promiscuity, even homosexuality, even pedophilia? Check. Anti-Americanism? Check. Anti-religious? Check. They can and usually do, get away with anything they have the power to make legally go away. They actually celebrated having one of their homosexual (underage) Page buggers, who kept office after being caught, as a hero a few decades after the incident(s) and after he retired, bringing him back to D.C. for the party, celebrating his misdeeds specifically.

Odd thing is, many of the low information voters think this means acceptance of those things. All one has to do is look through the files of dictatorial elites going back as far as you wish and then look at what those governments did among the general population to understand that what is good for totalitarian regimes is not acceptable for 'their people'. It amazes me how many pot smokers think the Dems will actually use that issue as more than a way into power. When they have power, and guns, that will go away at the barrel of a gun.