Thursday, February 21, 2013

Watergate: Marco Rubio wasn't the first

From Cliff Thies: 

According to the elite liberal media, Republicans such as Marco Rubio are not Presidential material because they drink water. Not only do they drink water, they drink water in public, in full view of impressionable children and anybody else who may be watching. Why, Republicans are practically exhibitionists when it comes to drinking water. Not that Democrats would make the substance illegal, as long it is purchased in sufficiently small and environmentally-friendly containers, consumed in designated water-drinking zones, and subject to a special excise tax. 

The thing is, the elite liberal media wasn't singling out Marco Rubio for drinking water because he's hispanic or any reason like that. They have always considered water-drinking by Republicans to be problematic. Just look at the Saturday Night Live skit concerning the Vice Presidential debate of last year. 

Notice how hilarious SNL finds Paul Ryan's penchant for water-drinking:
TheBlaze, SNL spoofs VP debate

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