Wednesday, February 27, 2013

UKIP's Diane James emerges as the protest vote candidate for Eastleigh

Ladbrokes increases the odds of a shock right-libertarian victory 

The influx of foreign workers under EU open door immigration is pricing many Brits out of jobs, while many more migrants add pressure to our local services, housing, education and welfare systems. I believe, as many people do, that as a country there is nothing wrong with talking objectively and reasonably about these issues. 

Breaking from, Eastleigh: Could Ukip win it?:
Campaigners were increasingly weighing up the prospect of a shock Ukip victory in Eastleigh this morning, as candidates took to the streets for the last day of campaigning before the polls open. 
Bookmakers William Hill dropped the odds on a Ukip victory from 25-1 to 8-1, with some betting shops going even further. 
Ukip candidate Diane James said she had a "very, very, very" realistic chance of winning, predicting that victory would come after three recounts. "Voting Ukip seems a cost-free way of saying 'we're hurting'," education secretary Michael Gove admitted to the Telegraph.
Surprise last minute endorsement for UKIP 

The former Lib Dem Mayor of Eastleigh who has quit that party and joined UKIP is now urging the people of Eastleigh to vote for Diane James in the upcoming by-election. Glynn Davies-Dear worked as constituency caseworker for LibDem MP David Chidgey but has now ripped up his Lib Dem membership card and thrown his support behind Diane in the February 28 poll. Mr Davies-Dear has served for 20 years a Lib Dem borough councillor and 12 years as a county councillor. His great uncle was a Labour Party MP in Wales.
Editor's note - Davies-Dear is in the photo holding the placard on the left.

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Gary said...

The death of the West.

There is no willpower to stop the importation of countless millions of the unemployed from around the world.

In the US we re-distribute the wealth and pay Americans not to work while importing Hispanics to pick our crops or Asians to work white collar jobs.

How the Chinese, Russians and Kenyans manage to harvest their crops without importing Mexicans is a mystery to all American politicians.