Thursday, February 7, 2013

Two gay men saved by French Troops from Muslim executioners

"I was in prison and I was waiting to be executed the next day when I heard bombing throughout the night," Oussman told Reuters. "In the morning, a crowd arrived, breaking my cell door to get me out, they told me they that I was free, the city is liberated from Islamists."

Excerpted from, "French Troops Save 2 Gay Mali Men From Execution":
Two men from Mali who were scheduled to be executed for allegedly having gay sex were saved by the French military, Gay Star News reports.

Islamist extremists took over northern territories of the landlocked West African country last year but its former colonial ruler, France, along with neighboring African nations, sent their military to Mali to intervene. France deployed 3,500 troops to help clear northern Mali of extreme Islamic rule.

After the Muslim rebels had taken over the town of Gao, they enforced a strict form of Sharia law, the moral code and religious law of Islam, which calls for thieves to be amputated and for gay men to be executed.

Omar Kudds told the website. "If the French led forces had not rescued, found and freed these two Malian men who were about to be executed today, their plight and deaths would have gone unnoticed."

"During the trial, there were no defense witnesses, it was controlled," Ahmed said. "They told us they were going to cut our throats for being homosexual, even though another man said that without witness testimony, we would not be."

Oussman says he was awaiting to be executed for being gay but was also freed moments before he was scheduled to be executed.

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