Tuesday, February 5, 2013

True the Vote sues Fla.'s St. Lucie County officials over suspected Voter Fraud

From Eric Dondero:

Allen West was robbed. Everyone knows it. His election was stolen from him by phantom voters, casting ballots in favor of his Democrat challenger. The gentleman he is, he decided not to contest the election, even though the vote margin ultimately was less than 600 votes.

And Florida's vote margin in the presidential race was shockingly thin. Most of the suspected voter fraud came from St. Lucie County, though, many saw shenanigans happen in nearby Broward County, as well.

Enter Houston-based True The Vote, headed by Catherine Englebrecht and former ACORN employee-turned-whistle blower, friend of this website Anita Montcrief. Catherine announces in this video how the organization plans to sue the pants off of St. Lucie County election officials. My favorite part of the video is near the end where she brings up former elections where Democrats blatantly cheated, Dino Rossi in Washington State, and Norm Coleman in Minnesota.

After all, this is the party that tolerates its members having sex with underage prostitutes. Stealing elections? That's small potatoes for Democrats.

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