Monday, February 18, 2013

The libertarian-ization of the GOP continues... Karl Rove sh*tcanned as primetime CA GOP convention speaker for Breitbart's Ben Shapiro

Anita Moncrief reports:
Breitbart News editor-at-large Ben Shapiro will give a keynote address at the California Republican Party convention this March, taking the spot previously scheduled for Karl Rove.  
According to the Sacramento Bee, "Rove's talk has been moved to the Saturday luncheon because of a scheduling conflict," and the CA Republican Party "had been seeking to book a speaker who would appeal to conservatives in light of a rift caused by Rove's newly announced Conservative Victory Project.
Anita is co-chair and founder of the anti-Democrat voter fraud group True the Vote. Follow Anita on Twitter. 


citizen121 said...

why would karl rove try to divest the republican party from the far-right?

take a look around this website. look at older posts from days, weeks, or months ago. note the fear, the hatred, the constant intolerance, and the underlying racism. read the comments - and judge for yourselves the mental condition of the readers of this site.

note in particular the frequent use of the words "vagina" and "cunt" in the comments. what does the fascination with these terms suggest about the mentality of those who visit this website frequently?

note the lack of concern concerning the factual content. on february 3rd, there is an article questioning whether the supberbowl blackout was caused by al quaeda:


on february 17th, there is an article blaming obama for the "lifeline" phone program, which was started by reagan, and expanded to include cell phones by bush.


this content is beyond nonsensical - but the factual content doesn't matter. this website's only purpose is to generate fear and hatred among those who are misguided or stupid enough to believe it.

why would karl rove want to disassociate the republican party from this hateful, intolerant, zealotry? the reason is very, very simple:

it loses elections. is a public display of fear, hatred, intolerance, and the comments provide a public forum exposing the mentality of those who support it. any intelligent individual reading the comments on this site will immediately be struck by the prurient, adolescent mentality of the the writers.

that is why the far right has failed, and will continue to fail.

John Morris said...

Reading is hard, I guess.

It says California, where the GOP has already been in a steep decline and controls no major part of state government.

Clearly, the RINO sales pitch has not worked well.

Citzen 21 is instructive.

Notice the constant use of "Far Right" to describe the site's spin rather than more exact words like Libertarian Republican.

For the record:

Libertarians see marriage as a free legal contract between consenting adults- and have held that position long before Obama ever did.

Libertarians are against the drug war that has turned so many communities into violent police states and incarcerated millions of citizens.

Libertarians are against policies like "stop and frisk"- while non- racist - non hateful democrats think is OK.

Libertarians support the rights of all citizens to keep and protect their property while, non racist democrats support the widespread theft of property for sports stadiums, parking garages and private business uses.

Libertarians support the right of all people to easily start micro businesses without hundreds or thousands of dollars in fees, or restrictions.

Libertarian Republicans are not OK with violent, intolerant ideologies like radical Islam while it seems like many Democrats are.

But. we are the haters.

citizen121 said...


i know this may sound sarcastic, but Thank You. your response is fair, balanced, and sensible, and there are several points i agree with, and i'm totally serious.

for instance, i could never figure out why taxpayers are forced to subsidize the construction of major league sports venues via tax breaks. it always seemed to me like the multitude of millionaires who both own and perform in those venues weren't exactly in need of any help from the middle class taxpayers.

don't have time to write more at the moment, but i'll be back later on.

Chuck said...

"it loses elections."

Which is why the republican party controls the House of Representatives.

You're stupid and boring. It's obvious you've never had an original thought in your worthless life. You're a parrot.

citizen121 said...

hey chuckles, just got off the phone with your mom. she said she thought you were gay until she found a box of japanese anime porn DVD's under your bed. apparently you haven't seen real female genitalia since the day you were born.

Chuck said...

See what I mean?

Shitstain121 is an adolescent. It thinks "seeing real female genitalia" is an accomplishment.

Shitstain 121, someday, when you're older, you'll take such things for granted. You'll shower with your wife to save time and hot water when your house is full of family.

There's a great big world in front of you, sport. I pray, for your sake, you're able to see it. Right now you seem blind as a bat.

Good luck,

citizen121 said...

yo chuckles, what in the sam fuck are you talking about?? i'll "shower with my wife to save hot water"?? is that your best material?? are you retarded, stoned, or both??

seriously dude, if you're going to post shit on the internet, try to make sure it doesn't sound like you were doing bong rips and wearing a retard helmet while you were writing it.

hey chuckles, your dungeons and dragons group just called. if you don't get there with pepsi and fritos in 10 minutes, they're going to let someone else be dungeon master.

Chuck said...

You're obviously a child. What a shame you were cursed with such awful parents.

They should be arrested for child abuse.

citizen121 said...

hey chuckles, speaking of your parents, i was just talking to your mom.

she says if you run up $500 of phone sex charges on 800-GAY-HOMO again, she's going to turn your cell phone off for good.

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