Thursday, February 28, 2013

Meet the jack-booted, free speech outlawing, authoritarian thugs of the Green Party


Elected Green Senator calls for outlawing free speech critical of illegal immigrants

From the Sydney Herald-Sun, "Greens move to censor more free speech":
Sarah Hanson-Young is a bigger menace to human rights by calling in the speech police to punish opinions she doesn’t like:
Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young (photo) will file formal complaints with the Australian Communications and Media Authority over recent comments made by ‘’shock jocks’’ about asylum seekers. As the storm over opposition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison’s call for asylum seekers living in the community to be monitored by police and conform to ‘’behaviour protocols’’ entered its second day, Senator Hanson-Young also called for parliamentarians to stop vilifying asylum seekers and refugees.
The Greens’ eagerness to censor betrays the party’s totalitarian instinct.
Editor's comment - And remember, Green Parties all over the Globe are in an alliance.  Expect similar calls to outlaw free speech soon, from the U.S. Green Party. 

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Jim Fryar said...

Morrison's call was in response to an incident in which a company housing illegals placed a group of them in student accommodation at a university resulting in a student being raped and another attempt to do the same.

I doubt that your greens could be anything near as nutty as ours, who are as mad as cut snakes.

I have posted on the attempt by Communications Minister Steven Conroy to pass legislation which would effectively ban columnist Andrew Bolt from doing the Bolt Report on Channel 10. This appears to have been instigated by the Greens, although Conroy himself is an obsessive control freak determined that no speech he disapproves of shall go unpunished.