Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Suspected Craig's List murderer in Ohio, Ali Salim a little "freaky" when it comes to white women

From Eric Dondero: 

Looks like Muslim doctor Ali Salim has made bail, set at $1 million, and has been freed from custody. Salim, is suspected of murdering a young white woman who answered an ad at Craig's List for a cleaning lady. 

CBS News
She came to Salim's home in Delaware County (central northwest OH), last week. Salim is suspected of raping her, murdering her with a blunt instrument, and then performing "unnatural acts" (as described by local media), to her corpse. 

Local ABC news affiliate out of Columbus has uncovered a previous incident involving Salim and another young American woman. Once again, it was off of Craig's List. ABCNews6, Woman talks about 2011 encounter with Ali Salim":
"It was an ad for a good-paying modeling gig," said Brittany. ABC6/FOX28 is not revealing the woman's real name for her own protection. She says she still fears the man she went to meet back in 2011. "He was very specific and direct in his text messages and he said he'd pay $400." 
The woman says Ali Salim promised to pay and that there would be no nudity but when she arrived at his home along with her father-in-law, for protection, she says Salim changed his tune. "Things just got freaky and we left."
Edtitor's note - curiously, this story is receiving little if any national media coverage. A little odd, considering the Craig's List angle. Wasn't there a national media storm couple years ago about a Craig's List muderer? Oh, but he was a white guy. Muslim murderer who molests a dead white woman's corpse. Nothing to see here... move along now...

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