Monday, February 11, 2013

State of California's new ad to boost the rolls of EBT users

From Eric Dondero:

Hip hopper Chapter Artist explain the benefits and requirements for EBT for those still unsure of whether it's a good idea. Running in targeted neighborhoods in southern California.

After all:
If you want EBT, the State of California is the best place to get your money. They'll pay you the most. You get free daycare, free food. You can go to fast food restaurants now... Dominoes, Kentucky Fried Chicken... 
I mean who would want to work in America now. This is what the taxpayers are paying for.
Editor's comment - She's essentially saying that if you still work for a living you're a chump. But in a way there's something refreshingly honest about her appeal. At least she doesn't try to conceal the real purpose of EBT like bureaucrats and Democrat elected officials who say it's just to "give people a helping hand," a "way up," when they hit hard times.

This is a spoof ad.  Not an actual ad running in California.


Chuck said...

Dang! I want to get her pregnant.

Eric Dondero said...

And she WOULD WANT you to get her pregnant Chuck. More $$$ allocation on her monthly EBT.

Chuck said...

Don't kid yourself, sport. That's not the reason she wants it. hehe

Jemas said...

Yeah, who wouldn't want to live on EBT? After all, it's not like it's restricted to getting necessities, like food. And you can definitely afford to eat well on EBT, you definitely can't just barely survive on cheap food on it. Oh and there certainly aren't any limits to it, that's why there are no people on the streets begging for change. I certainly didn't pass 6 people begging for money on my way to work this morning.

Eric, I'm glad life has worked out enough for you that you can afford to look down on people who need to use EBT to survive. But that's the thing; Life hasn't worked out for a lot people and they might need a little help, typically just to survive. Now I know you hate America and therefore want it to let these people starve in the streets, but I think we're better than that. The true measure of a nation is in how it treats it's worst off, not it's best off.

Queens, New York, NY

Eric Dondero said...

Actually, you've got it backwards. I make a very modest income each year. I look up to people who use EBT. While I'm checking out at Wal-marts or Kroger with the generic balogna, cheap hot dogs and really cheap white bread, the lady behind me with the EBT card rolls up with steak, lobster, and red wine in her basket.

Being a white male with no kids, I don't get the freebies she does. But even if I did qualify, I'd rather start than accept such government assistance.

Eric Dondero said...

And btw Jemas, a beggar is not a thief. Someone on the street with their hand out or with a tin cup, is not the same as someone using the IRS to put a gun to your head, and steal your money for their groceries.

I'd much rather the streets flooded with beggars than have the IRS stealing money to feed moochers from hard-working taxpayers.

Gary said...

Welcome to the People's Republic of California where increased taxes fund our wildest Marxist dreams.

The Right Guy said...

Come next door Gary. The taxes are a lot lower and I would say it's a little freer here.

Charlie said...

I'm pretty sure after seeing the other videos this is satire...

Hilarious and accurate, but satire non the less :-) Glad to see a Georgia boy like chuck doesn't mind adding creme to his coffee LOL!

jgeleff said...

James, I have a back in the day story for you.
Maybe 23 years ago, when I first started working for UPS full time, I was making like $400-$500 a week, gross. My wife was a stay at home mom. One kid. We were in the grocery store one night, buying, as Eric mentioned, hot dogs, bread, potatoes, you know, very basic. Not a lot of money to spend on food. Our goal was to keep it to about $60 or $70 a week. So we weren't eating really fancy food. The filth in front of us had an entire cart full of food including steaks, desserts, you name it, she had it. This was back when EBT was new here. This filth in front of us paid for her food with an EBT card. The cashier can see my disgust, and when we get to the checkout, after the filth has left, the cashier says to me, "You wanna get REAL angry?". She showed me the receipt of the filth. The filth spend something like $240 on food, and had a balance in her "account" of $1,100 plus. I'm paying for the filth to eat, and my kid is eating hot dogs.
Justify that one.
And James, many of these people don't NEED to " use EBT to survive". They're very healthy individuals who are taking the easy way out, and they NEED to be stopped.

Jemas said...

Eric, jgleff, let me be as clear as I can, because I see no way around this:


10 seconds on Google tell me all I need to know to tell me you're lying. For example, the North Dakota FAQ on Food Stamps tells me that a household of 1 gets 176 bucks a month on food stamps. In order to have 1,000 dollars on their card, for a month, they would need to have a household of 8. In Texas, your paradise of self sufficiency, you get 200 bucks a month for one person, enough for 50 bucks a week on groceries. But yeah, I forgot. Individual, unverifiable stories outweigh statistics here.

And we weren't talking about taxes, but while we're on the subject, you're free to not pay them Eric. Then you're free to go to jail. I actually think you should be allowed to opt out of taxes, you just lose ALL the benefits of being a US Citizen. Sounds like fun, right?

As I've said before, you're incapable of seeing beyond your pre-programed ideas. I work too, 40+ hours a week, and I typically take home either just below or just above 300 bucks a week (depending on whether I work saturday) in addition to an unpaid internship and individual projects and much of my gross money (after rent, food and transportation) goes to student loans. And I'm still willing to pay the taxes I pay, because I know that those help everyone, myself included.

Eric Dondero said...

And how much taxes are you willing to pay? 70%? 80%? 90%? 95%? 99%?

At what point in your mind does taxation become confiscatory?

At what point in your view does a nation cease becoming free and becomming a communist country?

Be specific please.

The Right Guy said...

At what point does it become indentured servitude?

Gary said...

****** At what point in your mind does taxation become confiscatory? ******

It is there right now.

In the last "compromise" the GOP agreed to a 45% death tax. A Communist confiscation of 45% of your private property.

If only one of the two parties was not a Marxist party. But I can dream . . . . .

Chuck said...

Jeepers has moral authority. Why? Because Jeepers is a leftist slave. When a person totally sells out, they've done so in order to gain a degree of legitimacy they didn't feel entitled to on their own.

Savor the flavor, Jeep.

I'm your moral and intellectual superior. Try me, cunt. I'll prove it in front of all those you hoped to wow with your faux prowess.



Yours in earnest,

Eric Dondero said...

fucker won't answer the question. He can't.

Fuckin' coward!

jgeleff said...

James, you can call bullshit all you want. I lived it. I saw the receipt. Those are the facts, and not a single god damned mother fucking Google search will change it.

Jemas said...

Alright so there's a lot of idiocy that I have to respond to:

I don't know when it becomes a communist country. I'm not a political scholar but I assume it's around 100 percent. And it becomes confiscatory when it becomes more than you can reasonably afford, for everyone. But again, it doesn't matter what I say, you have your pre-programed beliefs that you are going to repeat ad naseum. Tell me, at what point does it become too little? 10? 5? 0? When police officers and firemen are being bought and paid for by private interests, when someone can start committing murder just because the people they're killing can't afford police? (I'm ignoring, for the moment, the fact that situation sort of exists on Native Reservations, but hey that's not what we're talking about).

You are trained, by your own lack of knowledge, to be incapable of understanding any issue more complicated than black and white. There is such a thing as too much taxation and I don't want to see America become a communist country. But I also understand that taxes are often necessary, because there are things that this country needs and they cannot be paid for by private interests. How would you feel if those Islamists you're so afraid of could kill you simply because they can afford to pay the police? Cause there are a lot of rich Islamists.

Oh and calling me a fuckin coward for not responding to you at 2 in the goddamn morning is pathetic. Terribly sorry, I work for a living, and I needed to sleep.

Okay, so Right Guy. I'm going to try a thought experiment with you. In this thought experiment, I'm going to go to my landlord and tell her that my paying rent is a form of indentured servitude and I'm not going to do it anymore, but I expect to still be allowed to live in my apartment. How do you think this would turn out for me?

Chuck, I may not be your moral superior (it's up for debate) but I am so much more intelligent than you that it is a tribute to my genius that I can actually communicate with you. I am unsure how I'm supposed to 'try you.' What are we going to fight? You present no argument for me to refute, so what am I supposed to try you with?

So instead, how about you try me you worthless waste of oxygen? You have yet to get through a single post without spewing an insult through that ignorance hole you call a mouth, and yet I have, until this post, managed to keep from responding in kind. How about you turn down your asshole meter down from the 11 you seem to have it permanently set to and try to get through a single idiocy heavy post without insulting me? You can still fill it with your usual mix of impotent rage, impossible stupidity and complete lack of knowledge of the world outside of your basement. You can even call me Jeepers if you like (I'm picturing you clapping in glee and giggling like the moron you are when you came up with that). Just try to avoid insulting me, eh cunt?

And finally jgleff: Why should I believe you? Give me a reason. You are exempted from Libertarian Republican's policy of having to leave your name (presumably because you agree with them) so I don't know where you live. I don't know where or when this took place and there is no evidence it's anything other than bullshit. I could claim that Eric Dondero is on EBT and it would have exactly the same amount of evidence as you have. And it would also be what that story is: bullshit. Something I just made up. Just like your story is something you just made up.

Queens, New York, NY