Wednesday, February 6, 2013

So where's Bob? Formerly "chatty" Senator from NJ and his staff, not answering press inquiries


Not-yet-convicted (alleged) child sex predator avoiding the New Jersey media

Editorial writer, J.D. Mullane,, Courier Times, "Jersey Bob must face the music", intro:
It is hard to know where to begin the plot of the nation’s latest reality show, “Jersey Bob.” It stars Sen. Bob Menendez, Democrat from North Bergen, a humble public servant mired in salacious allegations of sex, money and free plane rides. There is also a guest appearance by an illegal immigrant and registered sex offender working as an intern in the senator’s office.
Menendez has spent the last several weeks avoiding the press, granting interviews with only the most deferential media ass kissers. Not even his chatty staff will go on the record. The nation hasn’t seen this much dodging since Bill Clinton and Dick Cheney faced their draft boards in Vietnam.
Editor's comment - Granting interviews to only the most deferential media ass kissers? Many Menendez took a page out of the Obama guide on how to handle the media. The most recent Obama and Hillary interview with CBS's Steve Croft? Quick! Someone call Chris Hansen with NBC. He knows how to handle guys like Bob.

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