Monday, February 18, 2013

Shopping cart full of Booze likely bought at Springfield, Mass liquor store after $2,000 EBT withdraw at in-store ATM

From Eric Dondero:

Massachusetts legislators, mostly Republicans, are considering legislation that would crack down on EBT abusers.  The State has now become a haven for SNAP program and taxpayer-funded Food Stamp fraud.  

As News22 reports:
One in eight families in Massachusetts is given your taxpayer money for basic needs... $25 Million is taken out in cash each month 
Of course these days "basic needs" has come to mean steak, lobster, and in many cases Hennessee, premium vodka, and the finest of wines.  Continuing: 
More than $2000 in EBT cash was taken out at an ATM inside a liquor store on State Street in Springfield in July.  While there is no way to tell if that money was actually spent inside, just 200 feet away; a bank ATM where money could have been withdrawn.    
The 22News I-Team found more than $38,000 taken out at liquor and package stores in Western Massachusetts in one month. In the state it's much more.  On average, more than one million dollars a year in EBT money is taken out at liquor or package stores.  The state gives out around $30 Million a month in this program, $25 Million is taken out in cash.   

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