Monday, February 11, 2013

Shocking new immigration, refugee status statistics shows uptick in rapes on native women when Muslim immigrants are let in

Sweden worst off; France not far behind;

From Eric Dondero:

A Muslim immigration wave into the Western nations, the United States and Canada, sparking a rape wave of Western women? Just "Islamophobia" some say?

A new blog Muslim Issue Worldwide has run some stats on rape numbers in the West, since Muslim immigration has increased.

Sweden is by far, the worst off.


In spite of these shocking government figures (see the article below), what does the Swedish government plan to do? They plan to bring in 54,000 MORE Muslim immigrants and asylum seekers into the country 2013. The massive majority of immigrants and asylum seekers entering Sweden are from Islamic countries:
Sweden: Number of immigrants in 2012 – 94 717 Sweden: Asylum seekers in 2012 – 44,000 (of which roughly 90% are Muslims)
The United States allowed 35,000 Muslim immigrant admissions for "Diveristy" out of a total of 50,000

France, and even the United States and Canada are not that far behind. Continuing:
France is no better off where Muslim immigrants rape 24,000 French women on average and gang rape 7,000 females in France on a yearly basis. And although the entire European region, and North America (Canada, U.S.) and even Australia and New Zealand can access these crime records and view the horrid reality of it – guess what they all plan to do in 2013? Bring in MORE Muslims into their countries!
United States refuge admission in 2012 – 80,000 (of which 52,000 were Muslims) United States immigration admission in 2011 – 1,062,040 (of which approx 125,000 were of Muslim origin) United States Diversity Visa admissions in 2012 – 50,000 (of which approx 35,000 were of Muslim origin)
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