Saturday, February 2, 2013

SHOCKING!! N. African immigrant explains to judge how his rape of French women was justified, because they were white

Rapist faces his 15 victims in the courtroom. His latest victim he raped 9 times

From Eric Dondero:

He repeatedly seeks to justify his actions, blaming his upbringing, and most alarmingly uses the defense that the women were white, and he has hated white people since his childhood for alleged wrongdoings.
White people were taking advantage of the poverty of blacks... I hated white people... I wanted to humiliate white people
One victim tearfully explains to the courtroom how she was terrified, believing that "he was going to kill me."

The female French judge, thankfully, is having none of his bullshit. Watch as she tears him a new asshole.


Steven Givler said...

Kill him.

jgeleff said...

There's something I don't understand. The criminal has his face blurred out, but the women he raped don't have their faces blurred out. HE is on trial, not them.

Storm D said...

There is a rape epidemic going on in Europe. Sweden has become the 2nd highest in the world after South Africa. It will only get worse until native Europeans start cracking down on Muslim immigration. I don't know if this guy is Muslim, but the vast majority of rapes are Muslim men on European women.

J Pearce said...

I flush shit. He needs to be flushed.

J Pearce said...

I flush shit. He needs to be flushed.