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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

SHOCK VIDEO!! Muslim gang beats up (gay?) Dutch man in downtown nightclub district

From Eric Dondero:

Few details yet emerging. But the narrator in Dutch identifies the 5 thugs as Moroccans. The native Dutch man appears to be a homosexual. From the video, it appears as though he is about to enter a nightclub.

The attack happened on January 19 in Klappeijstraat



Hanne Bonte said...

First of all: the boy is NOT gay. That was an other abuse in the city of Tilburg in The Netherlands. Secondly: nowhere in the Dutch press is mentioned that the gang is Muslim. Why would you spread this racist hate, when there's no evidence?

Eric Dondero said...

First of all, if you're looking for "racists" look at the Muslims who are beating this dude up. Racism today is against Western Civilization natives from the Islamic world.

Secondly, dude, if he ain't gay, he's certainly a bit light on the loafers. Look at how he walks. No offense intended. Just an observation.

I was tempted to put in "metrosexual," which I fully admit he could be. But a Tim Tebow, Ted Nugent he man he aint.

Eric Dondero said...

Amazing the lengths that liberals will go too to avoid discussing Muslim on gay violence, isn't it? It just doesn't fit their template. So, they will jump through hoops to say it's not happening. Even when it's right before their own eyes.

Fuckin' unbelievable!

Eric Dondero said...

Hey Hanne, the attackers are identified as MOROCCANS. Do you know of any Christian, Atheist, Pagan, or Jewish Moroccans? Non-Muslim Morrocans are like, what less than 1% of the population? Still, we're not allowed to presume that someone who is identified as a Moroccan is Muslim?

You are a true douchebag, with your head firmly planted up your own ass.

Eric Dondero said...

Well, well, well...

There is indeed a nightclub in the Netherlands called "90's." And from the looks of the photos on the Facebook page it appears it may very well be a gay club. (Lesbians smooching in Facebook photos).


Eric Dondero said...

Hanne, I await your response?????

Is the 90's club not a gay bar?

Eric Dondero said...

Of course, the guy could have been a hetero going into the gay bar for just a look around, or to - ahem - whet his whistle.

Doom said...

It's terrible when a land has become so soft they have to import their gay-bashers. Ah... what some of the old folk wouldn't do for some home-grown hooligans!

As for whether the 'guy' is gay or not, at some point, when you can't tell the difference... it honestly doesn't matter whether there is a difference or not.


Eric Dondero said...

Good point Doom. If he ain't gay he sure the hell is meterosexual. Look at how he walks - scratch that - prances down the alleyway.

Again, that doesn't mean he deserves to be beat up. Absolutely the contrary. But it does mean Hanne Bonte has his head up his ass, and is to immersed in liberalism that he refuses to acknowledge that Muslims are a threat to gays.

Chuck said...

European men are fags by default. They prance around. They wear the most ridiculous clothes. Every American man is John Wayne by comparison. Even these stupid inner city pricks who walk around holding their pants halfway between their ass and the ground with one hand are kings by comparison.

Fuck you, Europe. You won't be missed.

Jemas said...

Eric Dondero everyone: Violently denouncing violence against gays, while talking about how the gay guy is 'a little light on the loafers.' And all without a hint of irony.

It must be exhausting to track down and post every single crime committed by anyone Muslim in the world. I mean, sure Muslims make up about a third of the worlds population, but that third better be perfect or Eric is coming for you.

And no Eric, I'm not defending what they did, what they did was vile and despicable. It's the casual racism and hypocrisy from you that I can't stand. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, there are 18 anti-gay hate groups in the US, all of them Christian. Care to answer for them, or does violence or hatefulness against gays only count when it's committed by Muslims?

Hey, on January 16th, a gay couple had anti-gay slurs hurled at them and were then physically assaulted at a movie theater. Does that not count since the guy doing the assault was white and clearly not a Muslim?

Or how about the Gay Mayoral candidate, Marco McMillian in Mississippi who was found murdered in the river, just yesterday? Since there are only 3900 Muslims in Mississippi to 1,272,776 Christians of varying types, odds are he was murdered by a Christian. Or does that not count either?

I say again, it's not that Muslims don't do these things too. But since you seem to devote so much of your time to tracking down incidents of Muslims attacking people, I thought you should be aware that other people do it too. So enjoy your racism and hypocrisy, I hope your bigotry is worth it.

Queens, New York, NY

Eric Dondero said...

The SLPC is vile and despicable. They are no different from the fuckheads in the KKK or the American Nazi Party. The fact that you would quote a hate group like SLPC tells us an awful lot about you. You are in short, nothing short of a Nazi KKK type yourself.

Fuck off and get off of my site you piece of shit racist mother fucker.

Doom said...


No one else in the media is paying any attention to what muslims do. Like blacks, their crimes are pretty much unreported. Whites, and men in particular? Wink at a woman and you might lose your job, be censored, forced through sensitivity training, or even go to jail in some countries.

Some politician is found floating in the river, in these times, and you assume it's because he is a sodomite? Wake up. If he was queer, he was also probably so left of sanity that killing was a kindness. Or more likely, one of his fellow travelers was being blackmailed by him or wanted to... cut it off. That's why queer crime is rarely reported, they are usually their own culprits.

Jemas said...

@ Eric:
Care to elaborate on your point? I'm serious, explain to me how the SLPC is equal to the Nazis or the KKK. Because unless they're out there, killing people, I'm afraid you're full of shit. I'm honestly curious about your equivalency, because if they are no different from the KKK or the Nazis, I'd like to know so I can ignore them. You said, now back it up. How is the SLPC no different from the KKK? Are they hanging people? Are they systematically murdering an entire people? Explain it to me, unless it's just something you reflexively say to avoid being confronted with your own hypocrisy. Put your money where your mouth is Eric, and tell me.

There is...so much wrong in so little space that you actually hurt my head a little. Killing him was a kindness because he was gay? Gay people kill each other more often? Calling us (I'm bisexual, just so you know) sodomites? Any point you have is completely destroyed by your obvious homophobia. And it's a bullshit point, but now I don't need to go through the motions of debunking it.

Queens, New York, NY

Doom said...


Your head needs to hurt, as obviously your reading comprehension is so off the mark you need to be forced to think.

Essentially lefty = communist-socialist. If gay, and with that political affiliation, then he has committed political suicide as those groups ALWAYS murder fags when they take power. So killing him was, somewhere between following his wishes and a done deal anyway... so doesn't matter.

Jemas said...

Well if I have trouble reading your posts it's because I'm not 100 percent certain you speak english.

Alright, so what I think you're saying (I'm not certain, your comment doesn't make a lick of sense) is that left people always murder their gay politicians when they take power. I'll call up Barney Frank and tell him he's been dead for years.

So if your point is indeed that because he was a leftist and gay, he was dead anyway, so his murder doesn't matter, then I'm not 100 percent certain what you're trying to say, other than telling us what an awful human being you are. How do you justify that position? What is the evidence that left groups always kill gay politicians? And none of this justifies the level of homophobia you and Eric (to say nothing of Chuck) display in this comment section.

Also Eric, I'm still waiting for your response. You call anyone who doesn't respond to you out on it, so answer me, how is the SPLC no different than the KKK or the Nazis? Explain their similarities please. And also explain to me how you can call anyone else out on gay bashing when you're talking about how people 'prance down the alley.' I guess we can add homophobe to the list of things you are, alongside America hater and pro-Slavery.

Queens, New York, NY