Sunday, February 10, 2013

Republican for NYC Mayor switched from Democrat to GOP in 2008 when Obama won the nomination

Oh, and he'd repeal Bloomberg's silly-ass 32 ounce soda ban

From Eric Dondero:

What could be better? A hardline anti-Obama-ite, as the GOP's nominee for Mayor of New York.

From the DailyBeast profile, of flamboyant and outspoken, prospective Republican nominee John "Cats" Catsimatidis, "Catsimatidis Disses Bloomberg in a Billionaire Battle Royale - A supermarket mogul sets his sights on becoming mayor of New York.":
As a candidate, Catsimatidis has obvious assets—his announced willingness to spend up to $20 million of his own money, and his regular-guy persona—but also conspicuous liabilities. New York is an overwhelmingly Democratic city—a steep uphill climb for even the most polished, campaign-tested Republican. Catsimatidis, who self-identified as a “Clinton Democrat” until Barack Obama beat Hillary in the 2008 primaries, prompting him to back John McCain and switch parties, is a tenderfoot in a treacherous political jungle.
Catsimatidis gives some interesting background on Bloomberg, asserting that he offered both Obama and McCain a $500,000 contribution if they'd take him as their VP in 2008. Both turned him down.

He feels dissed by Bloomberg personally, having donated to his campaign, yet he's never been invited to any events sponsored by the Mayor since he was elected.

As a result, he promises if elected he'd repeal much of Bloomberg's agenda, most assuredly the 32-ounce soda ban.

Photo - Richard Nixon's grandson and 2010 Republican for Congress, Long Island, who married Cat's daughter. Photo credit - NYPost

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