Saturday, February 23, 2013

Report from the FLNJ (Front for the Liberation of Garden Gnomes "Nains de Jardin")

Yes, it's in French. But it gets good at the 50 second mark

From Cliff Thies:

Depicted as "happy workers," garden gnomes are merely the latest overt manifestation of the wage-slave system known as capitalism.

From Twitter, Feb. 8:
Travelocity GnomeVerified account ‏@RoamingGnome 
Greetings fellow wage slaves! I'm off again on my mission to discover the perfect week-end! RT to petition that every Monday be a holiday!!!
Fortunately, the FLNJ has been formed, at least in the Francophone world, to return the exploited garden gnomes to the wild. Here we see a brave FLNJ activist return two to the wild. Only two, you may say. C'est une debut

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