Sunday, February 10, 2013

Positive Development! Two Democrat legislators in Texas swerve into pro-liberty stance using nanny-state anti-junk food argument

From Eric Dondero:

Confusing headline, we know. Stick with us here. Two far south Texas Democrats have introduced bills to ban SNAP (food stamps) from being used to buy junk food and energy drinks. They use the "healthy diets" and "protect the kids" arguments in favor of their legislation. However, the net effect will be to ensure that taxpayer's funds are not used for frivolous spending. With that, they spin right into a libertarian view, whether they realize it or not.

From Channel 4 News:
"There's nothing nutritious or healthy about these products and in fact they're potentially dangerous to children," Canales said. "We don't believe you should be able to use government funds to buy them." (emphasis added)
As libertarians, it's not quite the way we'd go about it, but we'll take it. Congrats to State Reps. Terry Canales of Edingburgh and Richard Peña Raymond of Laredo. We hope Republican legislators will support their proposals.

(And that Gov. Perry will soon ask these two gentlemen to switch to the GOP. They're on the right path to becomming principled Republicans.)

Sidenote; relax ladies, Rep. Canales is happily married with two children.

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