Friday, February 8, 2013

New Mexico Welfare recipients partying it up on the appropriately named Fiesta card

Living "la Vida loca!" on the taxpayer's dime

From Eric Dondero:

Recent report from Albuquerque news on New Mexico's version of the EBT card. Seems government assistance takers are spending much more taxpayer money at strip clubs, bars, and casinos than was originally intended.

Towards the end a state bureaucrat acknowledges that even if recommended changes are implemented, banning cashing out from the cards at these establishments, won't stop recipients from cashing out at a nearby location and using the taxpayer funds for a pull-card, 12-ounce bud, or even a lap dance.


jgeleff said...

This is why welfare must end. Time to thin out the herd.

Rational Nation USA said...

Whooo Ahhh, let the good times roll! After all, life as we've known it is over with the reelection of BHO. Right Eric?