Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Muslim youth goes on shooting spree near L.A.: Kills three, shoots at passing cars at major intersection, wounding another six

One driver forced from his BMW and shot "execution style" on the curb in front of six witnesses

From Eric Dondero:

The liberal media is being cautious not to identify the shootings as an act of terrorism. They are also avoiding any reporting of the man's obvious ethnic origins, or immigration status.  

This morning, chilling details about how he murdered his victims are beginning to come out.

From Newsday, "California shooting spree leaves 4 dead, including shooter":
A violent rampage that left four dead in suburban Orange County began in the pre-dawn hours Tuesday when a 20-year-old killed a woman in his home and sped away in his parents' car, authorities said. 
An hour later, it was over — but not before Ali Syed had killed two more people during carjackings, shot up vehicles on a busy freeway interchange and left three others injured in a trail of carnage that stretched across 25 miles. 
One driver was forced from his BMW at a stop sign, marched to a curb and shot in the back of the head as other commuters watched in horror. 
"He was basically executed," Santa Ana police Cpl. Anthony Bertagna said. "There were at least six witnesses." has further details:
But after leaving his parents’ home, Mr. Syed dispensed death and mercy with a baffling randomness, executing some victims with his shotgun while sparing others. 
With his parents’ S.U.V. damaged and one tire flat, Mr. Syed parked outside a Denny’s restaurant, where a man in another car noticed Mr. Syed loading his shotgun, according to Chief Scott Jordan of the Tustin Police Department. 
As the man drove through the parking lot to escape, the police said, Mr. Syed chased him on foot, shooting at the back of the car and hitting him in the back of the head. The man was later taken to a hospital, where his condition was not released.
Details are emerging about the killer. He is described as a loner, who lives with his parents. He was unemployed, and only attended a local community college part-time.

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