Sunday, February 3, 2013

Muslim rape gang in France goes by the name "Candy Shop"

New recruits must rape a native French woman to gain admittance to the gang

From Eric Dondero:

Seine-Saint-Denis is the most Muslim-dominated quarter in all of France. Muslim youth gangs in recent years have emerged in the suburbs surrounding Paris and other major French cities, to harass the native French. And now a new twist.

At least one gang has been identified by police officials as having a "rape ritual" for new recruits. They are required to hunt down a young woman and rape her in order to join the gang. The gang has chosen a horrendously offensive name, quite possibly indicating their intentions of child rape.

From the news site, "Quand le viol devient un «rite initiatique» pour rentrer dans la bande" Jan. 29 (translation mine):
At least three rapes in one year in the same city. Series of crimes in Seine-Saint-Denis seems to have been committed by members of the group "Candy Shop", according to the preliminary information gathered by the police.

Most of the time the crimes committed by these young people remain confined to incivility, attacks against security forces, fights, city or traffic dealings of some kind.

"A rite of passage"

But a particularly disturbing practice has been detected by the police special units in observing the groups. "With some of them, usually the more structured, we've seen that they can sometimes be implicated in cases of rape," says Hirsoil Christian, Divisional Commissioner, Deputy Director of Information General (ex-RG) to the Central Directorate of Public Security. "As if it were a rite of passage, the young men must catch, attack, and rape a young woman," he said.

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