Sunday, February 24, 2013

More fall-out from the Ann Coulter appearance on Stossel

From Bruce Cohen:

Ouch! If you're a Libertarian Party member or a libertarian who leans to the leftside, this has got to hurt. 

Anti-communist protester, and Jewish libertarian-conservative Ashley Rae Goldenberg, takes left-libertarians to task. Liberty Without Apologies, In Defense of Ann Coulter:
Last weekend, I attended the 2013 International Students for Liberty Conference. The conference featured a taping of Stossel with opportunities for the attendees to engage the guests with questions. The most momentous occasion at the Stossel taping was when Ann Coulter called libertarians “pussies.” 
As anticipated, this elicited a response of jeering. Coulter clarified, saying that libertarians spend too much time sucking up to their liberal friends instead of focusing on the real issues.
She mentioned that libertarians can work with conservatives on issues that matter–such as economics–but they instead choose to focus on marijuana in order to appeal to the left. In this statement, Coulter highlighted precisely why the modern libertarian movement is failing. Instead of creating alliances with fiscal conservatives, libertarians would rather tell people that libertarianism is about “pot and gay marriage” in order to garner the attention of the youth. The result of making libertarianism about social issues is that there are therefore people, who claim to be libertarians, that do not understanding the philosophy of libertarianism in the slightest.
Coulter kept mentioning there are bigger concerns than marijuana, such as ending the welfare state. Libertarians and conservatives should agree that welfare should not go to individuals who use drugs. Libertarians and conservatives should agree that welfare should be abolished. However, there was no such dialogue from the audience about what should happen first. From the minute Coulter walked on stage, the audience decided to act like children and cast her as an enemy rather than someone who can be worked with. 
For a conference that prides itself on intellectualism, there was no intelligent discussion between the audience and Coulter. The audience booed Coulter for stating the obvious truths about the travesty of the modern libertarian movement. 
To demonstrate her point, there was another high-profile guest of an entirely different political persuasion who received applause. When Dennis Kucinich entered the stage, he was applauded. When Kucinich advocated for government regulations in order to save the world from the global warming catastrophe, parts of the audience applauded. When Kucinich mentioned how evil profits were for banks and health-care corporations, parts of the audience applauded. A woman who has done not much except write opinion columns received a vitriolic response from the audience, while a man who has spent his entire time in Congress campaigning against liberty was cheered. 
Dennis Kucinich has spent his time in Congress vowing for bigger government. Since Dennis Kucinich is a leftist with politically correct opinions, however, the audience at a “libertarian” conference gave him more respect than a woman who never assaulted anyone’s freedom. As Coulter so eloquently said:
We’re living in a country that is 70-percent socialist, the government takes 60 percent of your money. They are taking care of your health care, of your pensions. They’re telling you who you can hire, what the regulations will be. And you want to suck up to your little liberal friends and say, ‘Oh, but we want to legalize pot.’ You know, if you were a little more manly you would tell the liberals what your position on employment discrimination is. How about that? But it’s always ‘We want to legalize pot.


Chuck said...

Want to find out if someone is a dickless queer, just ask them their opinion of Ann Coulter...or Sarah Palin.

Leigh Anne said...

It's no surprise that they acted like children. Most of them were college students. Since the inception of child labor laws, truancy laws, and mandatory secondary education, young adults ("adolescents") are forced to remain children in their parents' homes and prevented from gaining life experiences which would make them fully fledged adults with adult reasoning skills when they reach the age of majority at 21. It is very difficult for someone under 16 to find work in the best of times and it's nearly impossible in the current economy. Even in the best of times, most of the jobs that an adolescent could get would not prepare them to earn a decent living because there are few ways available to learn the skilled trades now that most of the vo-tech schools have decided to focus on medical office and IT training.

Leigh Anne said...

Before I'm criticized for denigrating secondary education and advocating for child labor, I will answer this way: Should a 5 year old child be forced to work in a sweat shop instead of going to school? No. Should a 15 year old adolescent be forced to sit in a high school class all day instead of participating in a paid apprenticeship if he doesn't plan to attend college? Also No.

Eric Dondero said...

You are 100% correct Leigh Anne.

And welcome!

jgeleff said...

It's worth re-posting:

Actually, she chooses the lazy person's argument. I don't know ANY libertarians that lead with drug legalization. The libertarians that I know talk about the Constitution, freedom, individual rights, etc. Drug legalization is a natural extension of any individual rights argument, but nobody leads with it. Her point is nothing more than hyperbole and outright bullshit.
And she looks and sounds like a man. Step AWAY from the Newports, honey.

Doom said...

Good call Eric. While I am no longer a Republican, at this time, for national platforms, that's it. Either we work with them until we own them or we lose. It's that simple. Although, in truth, I see the political option as a dead end. Still, no reason to be throwing stones at those we may need to man the proverbial the picket lines, or who might help getting others into them in this case.