Monday, February 25, 2013

MONDAY MORNING BOMBSHELL: High class hooker fingers Menendez as a client, calls him a "schmuck" who can't get dates with regular women

Loser boy Menendez doesn't "have the skills" to have a real girlfriend says hooker

From Eric Dondero: 

This is rich. You knew Tucker Carlson, self-proclaimed "libertarian" and his crew at the Daily Caller had some more on Menendez just waiting to be dropped. And it looks like today is the day. 

Beef in the story: A high-class escort interviewed by DC says without hesitation that Senator Bob Menendez of New Jersey was a regular client of her services in Washington, D.C. She goes further, in implicating a number of Democrat Senators as clients of her services, and associate escorts.
A professional escort who travels the East Coast seeing clients in cities from Miami to Boston has identified a photo of Senator Bob Menendez as a man who paid her for sex. The woman, in her late 30s, told The Daily Caller prior to seeing Menendez’s photo that she had been paid to provide sexual favors to several U.S. senators, including a New Jersey Democrat...
(Other NJ Democrat Senator? That has to be either Frank Lautenberg, Robert Torricelli, Jon Corzine, or Bill Bradley.) 

Then there's this hilarious remark:
Menendez, she said, is “quite a hobbyist. He sees a lot of girls and doesn’t seem to have the skills to have a relationship.” “Hobbyists,” she explained, are men who “‘hobby’ in seeing many girls, as many as they can,” referring to escorts who offer companionship and sexual favors in exchange for what they euphemistically call financial “donations.”
She confirms that Ukranian model Svitlana Buchyk (photo), as have many long suspected, has been a regular escort for Menendez. She also castigates Menendez for (allegedly) seeing underage prostitutes in the Dominican Republic. 

Finally, later in the interview she describes Menendez, in regards to his hooker hobby, as "somewhat reckless."

Exit question - If the other un-named NJ Senator is indeed Corzine (as I strongly suspect), given his close connections to Obama, how soon to the Chicago crowd tells Menendez to resign, to save others from further investigations and more embarrassing revelations?


Chuck said...

There is no such thing as a "high class hooker".

John Holliday said...

Menendez will just say he was wearing a condom and that will make it okay. Update the resume' and run for Governor.

Paul Forsberg said...

They'll spin it into " It's not sex if its a hooker - it's a business deal"
Worthless scumbags ... All of them

Paul Forsberg said...

They'll spin it into " It's not sex if its a hooker - it's a business deal"
Worthless scumbags ... All of them

M. Simon said...

My trouble was the opposite. I could never get dates with hookers. I was unwilling to pay them and told them so when approached.


A high class hooker can "pass".

Funny though. You never hear about middle class hookers.