Saturday, February 23, 2013

Mississippi Libertarian Party gets slapped by local candidate

Originally sought the party's nomination, then unexpectedly switched to Independent 

From the Hattiesburg American, "Mayoral candidate now running as an independent":
Clyde Stewart, who announced his mayoral bid as a Libertarian Party candidate, will now seek the mayor’s office as an independent. Stewart said he felt he could better represent Hattiesburg citizens and reach more voters as an independent. “I want my campaign to be about meeting the needs of Hattiesburg’s citizens rather than the needs of a party, necessarily,” Stewart said. “My message, and my agenda, is for the betterment of the community and not a party.”
Editor's note - What's odd here, is that there's already in independent candidate in the race. No doubt will cause confusion for Hattiesburg voters.

Side comment - Is that not a kick-ass state party logo or what? Kudos MS LP.

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