Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Michigan Republican State Senator questions Obama's birth place, and the media's reluctance to look into the issue

From Eric Dondero:

State Senator Tom Casperson represents the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. In a recent radio interview, asked point blank if Obama was born in the United States, he answered "I don't know."

Pressed by the interviwer, Casperson in a calm manner wonders out loud why the media plays the double standard game: If such questions were raised about George W. Bush they'd be all over it, but a liberal Democrat gets a complete pass.

Note - Casperson was a guest on The Right Guy Show (our own sometimes contributor Jim Lagnese), as a Republican congressional candidate in 2010 discussing his Tea Party insurgency race for the Bart Stupak seat.

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Jemas said...

Um...if questions about where George W. Bush was born were raised, the media wouldn't be all over it because, like the Birthers stuff, it'd be totally fucking stupid. Have you seen the media doing massive coverage of the 'Bush is responsible for 9/11' conspiracy? No, no you haven't. Because it's goddamn stupid.

I have a question: Is it difficult to keep up this pretense? There is literally 0 substantiated evidence that Obama was born outside the US, and quite a lot of evidence that he was born in Hawaii. Is it incredibly difficult to discount all the evidence he was born in Hawaii? How do you get around the fact that he has released 2 different forms of his birth certificate and shown his birth announcement in a Hawaiian papers? Do you just tell yourself that all of that is a lie, or do you pretend that he hasn't shown that at all? I'm honestly wondering, because Birthers ability to delude themselves is quite impressive, it's probably the most impressive self delusion in American politics since the Moon Landing people.

Queens, New York, NY