Monday, February 25, 2013

Marxists at Media Matters discover - Shocker! - John Stossel videos in public school classrooms

"dark money" funding distribution of "libertarian educational materials" by the "mustachio faced" Fox business news host 

From Media Matters, BREAKING NEWS ALERT!!!, "The Right-Wing Money Putting John Stossel In School Classrooms":
Two foundations that have been described as "the dark money ATM of the right" have spent more than $1 million combined funding a non-profit organization whose primary function is distributing libertarian education materials featuring Fox Business host John Stossel. Donors Trust and Donors Capital Fund, the affiliated funding groups, were until recently obscure entities. 
But over the past month a series of reports have detailed how those organizations have paid out more than $400 million to over 1,000 conservative groups since their 1999 founding. Those reports have described how the two organizations have allowed wealthy individuals to discreetly underwrite trending conservative causes like climate change denial. 
The groups have also been the primary funders behind an effort to flood American classrooms with packaged libertarian lessons branded with John Stossel's mustachioed face. In 2011, Donors Trust gave $540,000 to the Philadelphia-based Center for Independent Thought (CIT), with the funds earmarked for the distribution of "Stossel in the Classroom" teaching materials, according to IRS filings obtained by Mother Jones. 
According to CIT's website, its mission is to "bring the ideas of liberty to freedom-loving people around the globe."
Editor's comment - Yeah, that liberty stuff. You gotta watch those sneaky, dastardly libertarians. Always trying to spread freedom around the globe.


Calypso Facto said...

Censorship -- hallmark of the left.

And how quick they are to ditch science when it's economic science.

Eric Dondero said...

Not the real issue here Calypso. Real issue is the few fuckhead libertarians still trying to be friends with the left.

"Oh, golly geez, we support gay marriage and pot... please be nice to us..."



Calypso Facto said...

"Oh, golly geez, we support gay marriage and pot... please be nice to us..."

Something I've heard... oh ... none of. Maybe you're hanging with the wrong Libertarians, Eric?

John Morris said...

Like Libertarians don't know the left is the enemy?

It's called converting people and that does mean finding areas where you might agree. No, libertarians don't expect to convert many hardcore leftists, but one finds lots of indoctrinated kids who can be open.

I do find it pretty humorous that you are a fan of people like Christie and Romney who have actually sold out to big government while bashing Libertarians who mostly have not.

Eric Dondero said...

I don't wish to "convert" any leftists. They are all scum. I only wish to defeat them and destroy them.

John Morris said...

"Destroy" them by supporting unprincipled politicians like Christie?

At this point it does seem like you need to drop the name Libertarian Republican which suggests a libertarian who disagrees on some defense and police issues.

I also increasingly doubt you even want to win since the dumb neo-con/ social conservative coalition has not proved itself able to win recent national elections and when it does win, shows little interest in protecting liberty.

Rita said...

This is why I put my son into the local Catholic School. He's doing better there and he likes it there, too.

Eric Dondero said...

It's fuckin' New Jersey for gosh sake's. I will support ANY REPUBLICAN in the northeast.

Without moderates in the party we will have ZERO victories in the northeast, outside of a couple here and there in Maine or maybe New Hampshire.

I'm a Republican, and damned proud of it. And I wanna win.

This is why I left the Libertarian Party back in 1989. The Party was not interested in winning elections.

Eric Dondero said...

No, it does not suggest a libertarian who disagrees on defense and police issues.

It suggests a libertarian who disagrees on sexual and social issues.

I am NOT a social conservative. I'm a social LIBERTINE. (Former swinger, in fact.) Thus, I disagree with my social conservative friends. But in order to maintain the GOP coalition I strive to find areas of agreement with them.

One of the biggest is opposition to Islamism and Sharia Law.

Christians oppose Islam for entirely different reasons than social libertines. But we come to exactly the same point of agreement on opposition.

M. Simon said...

Eric says:

"I don't wish to "convert" any leftists. They are all scum. I only wish to defeat them and destroy them."

Where did you learn your political military/tactics?

A converted enemy is worth 2X a dead enemy. There is nothing like having a former enemy speaking out against his previous comrades.

Think of the value of a Walid Shoebat vs you.

You have totally lost touch with how the game is played. Family troubles? Something else? I hope that what ever it is works out better for you or you come to terms with it.

And BTW Eric - once upon a time I was a communist. Are you saying my conversion has no value? That you wish me dead? Funny way to play politics.

Me? I'm into making coalitions on issues. If the left is the main force behind ending prohibition I will work with them. If it is guns I'm with the right.

Guns And Weed - The Road To Freedom

Prohibition doesn't work - that is an entre' to the right AND the left. I do not believe we are stuck with the current configuration. Do you?

M. Simon said...

"I am NOT a social conservative. I'm a social LIBERTINE. (Former swinger, in fact.)"

Now that I can relate to.

The problem with the right as currently configured is that they are not into making coalitions.

You are aware of a grass roots "libertarians out of the party" movement aren't you? It is not insignificant.

The right wants my total support or none of it. That may be good in a firefight. It is stupid politics.

M. Simon said...

You might want to look at this graphic

From this post.

The Republicans have little/no appeal to those without religion. A growing segment of the population.

Far too many Republicans think politics = religion. Not only is it a violation of their so called religious precepts. It doesn't work.

Me? I do have religion. But it doesn't fit in any neat categories.