Thursday, February 14, 2013

Low information voters in NJ still think Bob's a great Senator

The Snooky voter still likes their guy

From Eric Dondero:

New poll just released shows how truly out of touch Obama-oriented voters can be.  But fortunately, those who have been following the Menendez scandal acknowledge wrongdoing likely on the part of the NJ Senator.

From politickernj this morning:
While two thirds (68%) of New Jersey voters have heard about Menendez’s trips to the Dominican Republic on a donor’s plane, just 24% believe he was involved in wrong-doing while 11% say he was not.  Another 65% don’t know enough to form an opinion or have not heard about the issue at all, according to the poll. But among the one-third of New Jersey voters who have heard a lot about the issue nearly half (47%) say Menendez was probably involved in wrong-doing compared to just 18% who say he was not.  
Among Democrats who have heard a lot, 36% think the senator was involved in wrong-doing and 31% say he was not.  Among aware independent voters, opinion is 47% involved to 11% not involved, and among aware Republicans it is 65% involved to 12% not involved, the poll says. 
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John Morris said...

And it's the job of the media to make sure these folks never get any real information.

jgeleff said...

They think that Snooki is a hottie, too.

Chuck said...

I've always thought she was kind of cute. Like a stuffed animal.