Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Libertarian Party, Tea Party, join forces to oppose government surveillance cameras in Southern Cal

"Anytime a public agency is taking a federal grant, there are strings attached. There is an expectation that we need to do something for the federal government and the federal government has no business in our lives." -- Jillian Ensley, vice chair of the San Bernardino County Libertarian

 Excerpted from the Inland Valley Bulletin, reporter Neil Nisperos, "Libertarian and Tea Party activists oppose Rancho Cucamonga public surveillance cameras":
Members of Libertarian and Tea Party Groups in the region are protesting against city police plans to install public surveillance cameras around Victoria Gardens. 
The plan by the Rancho Cucamonga Police Department is an effort to help deter crime and to focus law enforcement eyes on areas where criminal behavior may be occurring after a 911 call is made. 
The cameras are expected to be installed sometime within the year, said Rancho Cucamonga Police Chief Mike Newcombe. 
"It's 'big brother' and the fact that they're taking federal grant money when our federal government is broke, and we're contributing to the problem by taking federal funds to implement this camera program," said Jeane Ensley, an organizer for the Inland Valley Patriots, a local chapter of the tea party. "Our federal government is broke and we're contributing to the problem by taking fed funds to implement this camera program. It's an invasion of privacy."
The San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department, which serves Rancho Cucamonga as its police service, will install about 20 cameras for the first phase. Plans are to expand the number to other areas as funds become available. The police department calls the cameras a "force multiplier" for the department and officials said it would be no different than if an officer on the street were watching a public area. 
"If there is suspicious activity that might be observed through the cameras, officers know what's happening and where to go, and that's a distinctive advantage," said Councilman Bill Alexander. "It's not a spy in the sky at all."
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Chuck said...

Panty hose. Bird shot. Repeat.

Rational Nation USA said...

Big Brother indeed.