Monday, February 4, 2013

Libertarian Party candidate for Colorado Governor: Democrats "tyrannical"

First challenger out of the gate for Dem incumbent Guv John Hickenlooper

From Eric Dondero:

Meet Matthew Hess. The Republicans haven't come up with a candidate to run against Hickenlooper, so for now, for us righties, he's the best we've got.

From his campaign website:
I am a father, an IT geek, a husband, a volunteer, and a Libertarian. I have been a resident of Colorado for 14 years. In that time I have lived and worked around the Denver Metro Area for the majority of my career. I have worked as a systems administrator and technologist for all of my career. This uniquely positions me to be well informed in all matters involving information technology that Colorado faces. I have invested many hours within the community working with both cub scouts and boy scouts. I have received the Bronze Presidential Volunteer Service Award for the thousands of hours I have volunteered working in general with The Boy Scouts of America.
On the issues, he's textbook libertarian. Though, he particularly shines on family budgetary matters:
Not that long ago families were secure on a single salary. It was usually enough to make ends meet and save up some over time...

Now our families are being taxed into the proverbial poor house. The federal income tax rate was 2% in the 1950s and families enjoyed the highest standard of living in the world. Unfortunately for everyone the federal government decided it was time to take more than it deserved. By the 1990s the federal income tax rate had ballooned to 25%. That equates to an overall increase of 1250% from the 2% rate.

Families require two paychecks now just to keep themselves afloat and out of bankruptcy. Put another way; one spouse has to work to pay the government while the other works to pay for the families’ needs... we’ve become slaves to our government.
Today Matthew is being featured in Colorado's largest newspaper/on-line news source. From the Denver Post, today, "Hickenlooper has a challenger after all":
Matthew Hess is running for the nomination for governor from the Libertarian Party.

“With the heavily slanted government we have in Colorado today we will desperately need a solid check and balance against a single party tyranny over Colorado,” Hess said in a statement.
Editor's comment - Ironically, as Democrats go, Hickenlooper isn't the worst of the bunch. But he's bad enough. Good to see a Libertarian using the 'T' word, none-the-less.

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