Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Libertarian Hero of the Week! Utah Republican Rep. Daniel Thatcher defends personal freedom on seat belts

Democrat Nanny-staters want to force all Utah drivers and passengers to buckle up

From Eric Dondero:

Wearing a seat belt should be a personal choice. What a novel idea. That's what one Utah legislator believes.

From the Salt Lake City Tribune, "Seat belt bill survives, goes to full Senate":
Conservatives agree that wearing seat belts saves lives. But they almost killed a bill Wednesday to toughen enforcement of laws that require their use, arguing it would infringe too much on personal liberty.

While no groups opposed the bill, conservative Sen. Daniel Thatcher, R-West Valley City, did — although he agrees that seat belts save lives. "Is it appropriate to say that because smart people wear seat belts and foolish people don’t, we should use the power of government to force people to make smarter decisions? It breaks my heart not to support the Highway Patrol on this one," he said.
Predictably, Democrat legislators and state bureaucrats lambasted Thatcher and argued in committee that personal freedom concerns should not be taken seriously.

Rep. Thatcher (photo) may call himself a "conservative," but he obviously has a definite libertarian streak. Thank you Rep. Thatcher from the libertarian wing of the GOP!

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citizen121 said...

if you're stupid enough not to wear a seat belt when you're driving, and you get into an accident, guess who gets to pay the bill? everyone else in the insurance pool. that kind of bad judgement costs everyone money.

it's kind of like saying "i don't feel like being responsible, and if i screw up, everyone else will have to pay for it. so go screw yourselves."

it's complete moocherism with "liberty" and "freedom" veneer so people with limited cognitive resources will continue to buy the horseshit.