Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Liberals try to push Pro-Islamist, Pro-Marxist agenda on Texas school children: Libertarian legislators shout a big "No"

One Lesson plan had Boston Tea Party participants as terrorists

From Eric Dondero:

Two libertarian legislative heroes have emerged from the recent fight over the Texas State curriculum. Both are freshman Senators, (one was previously a state rep.): Larry Taylor of Friendswood, and Donna Campbell of San Marcos.

Liberal indoctrinationists have tried to foster a far leftwing, America-hating lesson plan on young children in Texas schools.

From the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, "Senators question creators of curriculum system":
CSCOPE is an electronic curriculum management system that offers Web-based lesson plans and exams designed to help teachers adhere to state education requirements. It is used in 875 school districts -- more than 70 percent of districts statewide -- and is supposed to be flexible enough for teachers to alter content to meet their individual needs.

A string of witnesses before the Senate Education Committee criticized the program for promoting liberal values they said are anti-Christian at best and openly socialist at worst.
Peggy Venable, of the Koch-funded (1980 Libertarian Party presidential candidate David Koch), Americans For Prosperity is leading a statewide effort to stop the school children indoctrination campaign. She said, "Discontent is rampant across the state."

State Senator Larry Taylor is a sovereignty proponent who was also voted "Taxpayer's Advocate" in 2011. He hails from Ron Paul's home turf south of Houston. He is quoted:
Senators asked Lebay about complaints that some lesson plans promoted pro-Islam ideals, or described participants of the Boston Tea Party as terrorist...

"Does that sound like we're sympathizing with those types of countries?" He later said he found the lesson plan "very egregious as a Texan and an American."
Another first-year senator, Donna Campbell, R-San Marcos, complained about the uniformity CSCOPE imposes... "Our teachers don't need to be scripted," Campbell said.
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