Thursday, February 28, 2013

Keynote speaker to national Canadian Outdoors conference: "Blacks feel safe in cities [not] in nature"

North American crisis: Campgrounds and federal parks overwhelmingly white; blacks prefer an urban environment, says black expert 

From Eric Dondero: 

Black people don't like nature as much as whites. Who knew? 

From the TorontoStar, Ravines aren’t just for rich white people: 
National parks in the United States and Canada are grappling with white-camper complexes. Their clientele is aging and shrinking. So, perhaps, is their sacred place in our national identity. 
In a recent study, the U.S. National Parks Service service found that despite 10 years of outreach to minorities, visitors to U.S. national parks remained largely white: 78 per cent. 
Ontario parks launched a “learn-to-camp” program directed at urbanites and minorities — basically, as my colleague Tony Wong wrote, bribing them to enjoy the outdoors. A desperate ranger in California’s Yosemite Park, where only 1 per cent of visitors are African American...
[Park People's Third Annual summit keynote speaker] Mickey Fearn says the reasons run deeper... 
“African American people feel safe in cities and less safe in nature,” says Fearn, who is black. “Preserving wild places is a white concept, going back to Rome.”
Editor's comment - Now just imagine for a moment a white person making a similar remark? "Blacks aren't into nature, they're more comfortable in an urban jungle." That would be, of course, "Raaaaaacist!" (Photo credit -

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