Saturday, February 23, 2013

It's winter in New England: Nanny-State Democrat Govs warn us snow and ice may be on the way!

Newest invention of Big Brother Government - Taxpayer-funded Robo calls to home phones and cell phones warning of the dangers of winter weather.

 Excerpted,, editorialist Keith Burris, "Storm season proves the nanny state has arrived":
Did you hear the governor on TV? 
He's worried about us. He wants us to stay in and be good. In fact he's ordering us. 
When the roads are impassable, stay off the roads! Yes, Sir! Thank you, Sir. 
Button up your overcoat. 
Take good care of yourself. You belong to me. 
Where once these were romantic words sung by one betrothed to another, they are now the slogan of Big Brother. 
Buy candles, batteries, and bottled water. 
Keep your kids and pets inside. 
Don't drive your car, truck, or SUV -- anywhere. 
If you must drive, be very afraid. Keep the speedometer at 2 to 5 mph. 
Don't shovel too much. You might have a coronary. Don't not shovel. You might get trapped in your house when you are having a coronary. 
Get tomorrow morning's shower now, since you might lose power tonight. 
Have you purchased enough frozen food? This could be a long siege. You could be at home with your family ... for a day. 
And for heaven's sake don't go ice skating or sledding. You could fall though the ice or run into a tree.
Would our grandparents have put up with such nonsense, coddling, and condescension from public officials? It's hard to imagine. 
In 1932 or 1942 people weren't huddled around the radio waiting for the latest instruction on how to handle such startling developments as snowfall during winter in New England. They had real worries and better things to do.
Editor's note - CT Governor Dan Maloy was barely elected winning with less than 1% of the vote against a well-liked Republican opponent. Voter fraud and vote mining in Hartford was strongly suspected in the election.


citizen121 said...

is anyone in new england complaining about this??

or this this just more vapid nonsensical whining whose only purpose is to keep the page from looking empty?

Rational Nation USA said...

I live in another liberal northeastern state called Massachusetts. While many of us more conservative/ libertarian minded individuals think it is over kill we pretty much find that there are more important issues to occupy our time. This is just as you say in your closing. But when you have nothing of real importance to say why not create an issue out of a non issue.