Monday, February 25, 2013

In Tunisia perfectly okay for a favored Muslim leader to bugger a little boy, but two grown women kissing is subject to 3 years in jail

Why is this fine? 

And this is not? 

From Eric Dondero: 

A sex scandal has erupted in Tunis. A gay prison sex video has emerged of recently appointed minister Ali Larayedh. 

From the Canadian right news site, "Tunisian Interior Minister in a gay sex video scandal":
Tunisia’s new interior minister, Ali Larayedh (photo), has been embroiled in controversy and scandal as a leaked video allegedly shows him in a gay prison sex video. This scandal has outraged and inflamed public opinion regarding homosexuality which was already jittery due to the electoral political tactics that used sexuality in order to discredit various opponents. 
On 18th January, a 45 minute long black and white video dating from 1991, showing two men having sex, was posted on YouTube. The occasional close-up on one of the men’s faces resembles Ali Larayedh, the current interior minister and a member of the ruling Islamist party Ennahda who won last years’ October elections after the first Arab spring rebellion which deposed dictator Ben Ali... 
the video may have been leaked by someone in the Ministry of the Interior, or perhaps former a high-ranking police officer, wishing to undermine Ali Larayedh...
Members of the ruling hardline Islamic party are all "shaz" (Arabic gutter term for homosexuals, paedophiles) 

Tunisian freedom activists have become outraged that tolerance of homosexuality seems to extend only to a favored few. Further info:
Naji Behiri, the brother of the Tunisian Minister of Justice, Noureddine Behiri, was [recently] released from prison under presidential amnesty, despite allegation from his hometown that he raped a young boy. Tarek attests: “A wave of public anger erupted across the nation accusing Ennahda party of being at league with homosexuals and paedophiles...
Many people have been voicing their opinions that the Interior Minister should resign as his behaviour contradicts Islamic values while others even called for him to be indicted for violating Article 230 of the Tunisian penal code that punishes homosexual acts between consenting adults with up to three years imprisonment. Public discourse has been saturated with conspiracy theories that the ruling party is rife with homosexuals, protecting gays/paedophiles or failing to protect Tunisia from a homosexual epidemic. Mocking satires such Ennahda is a “homosexual” party, “they are all shaz (homosexuals in arabic) in Ennahda”, are “quite commonly heard in the streets of Tunisia” stated Tarek, “often conflating the terms ‘paedophilia’, ‘homosexuality’, ‘sodomy’ and ‘Islamists’ intentionally.” This image, spread via Facebook, depicts two veiled women are portrayed kissing, while on the right it reads: “Legal homosexuals/Haraam homosexuals” with the logo of the Ennahda party below.


Gary said...

More photos of hot lesbian action please.

Eric Dondero said...

Gary, you're too old for that. Calm down big boy.

jgeleff said...

I understand that these guys skip to the party meetings while holding hands. Is that true?