Friday, February 8, 2013

Hong Kong: The Power of the Free Market by Milton Friedman

"Like America a century ago, Hong Kong has been a haven for people who sought to make the most of their own abilities"

by Eric Dondero

Dr. Thies's article today here at LR on Hong Kong and the cage homes, gives us an excuse here at LR to run one of the greatest video clips for the free market of all time. It is Dr. Milton Friedman from 1978's series "Free to Choose." (From the bestselling book by the same name.)

The series holds a special place in my heart. It is what originally inspired me to become a libertarian. (That, and Ed Clark's 1980 Libertarian Party campaign for president.)

As sailor in the US Navy in 1981, on board the aircraft carrier USS Kittyhawk CV-63, I spent 4 days on liberty in Hong Kong. I even took a tour that took me to the border with Communist China.

If you've never seen this video, it's a real treat. It still rings true today, over 30 years later. And please pass it around to friends and associates. It's an 8-part series all available on YouTube.

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