Saturday, February 2, 2013

HOLY SH*T!! Democrat (in name only) Cory Booker stands up for Gun Rights on HBO's Bill Maher

From Eric Dondero:

This guy is an anomaly in so many ways. Last night on Bill Maher's Real Time on HBO, Newark Mayor Corey Booker stood up for the rights of law-abiding gun owners in his home state of New Jersey.

At the 2.00 minute mark:
Of the murders and shootings in my city, in the entire time I've been mayor, I could only find one, out of hundreds and hundreds, where a person was involved in a shooting where they had their gun legallly... guns that are causing carnage around the country and in my city are acquired illegally.
Yes, Booker is technically a Democrat.

Can someone from the RNC please give him a call and tell him it's time to switch!


John Morris said...

I still haven't watched the whole thing but...

Cory is being wilfully deceptive. He's sitting across from someone who is talking about taking a away all guns- while saying "nobody in the Democratic party" is saying that.

This is the standard, trick Rand talked about, each baby step, "forward" on the road to serfdom is never connected in people's minds to all the other baby steps.

Newark is a great example. People act like government violence and corruption is small scale and people who worry about it are crazy. Newark today is the product of the damage urban renewal did.

John Morris said...

Classic line:

"The civilised world is one where you cede a monopoly on violence to the state."

Nazi Germany and Stalin's Soviet Union were the height of civilization.

Cory is mayor of a city where the "civilized" government violently removed - hundreds of thousands of people from their homes, businesses and property.

This context must always be brought up.

John Morris said...

OK, the guy across from him, only says we should make getting a gun as hard as getting a pilot's license. Chances are he doesn't really want that either since "civilized nations" hand all power to the state.

Casey said...


I don't know what is going on where you are at, but wanting to ban "assault weapons" (whatever they are), hi cap mags, private sales, and demanding licensing like a car is NOT standing up for gun rights.


John Morris said...


Ever heard of good cop, bad cop?

Cory plays the good "reasonable" cop who just wants some small reasonable reforms. He really doesn't want the bad cop to come beat us.

His whole game is to get us to remove history and context from the conversation as if we were living in a safe, free society and this was the only right the government had ever wanted to restrict.

jgeleff said...

When somebody tells me about "reasonable" gun control, I tell them to define reasonable.