Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hate Crime in NJ: Egyptian Muslim brutally murders two Christian Copts

From Eric Dondero:

Not being reported by the mainstream media, any political motive in the slayings. Counter Jihad blogs are reporting the full story: The murderer an Egyptian Muslim. His two victims Christian Copts.


KN@PPSTER said...

"Christian Copt" is a redundancy. A Copt is an Egyptian Christian.

Eric Dondero said...

And that is completely besides the point. Point is Muslims murdering Christians, in this case Jim Morrison evil looking mother fucker cutting off the limbs of these dudes, and it's getting ignored by the national media.

That's the issue.

mitsukurina said...

To the extent that Copts have their own distinct language and their own distinct culture it is possible for someone to be a Copt and also an agnostic. So, no, it isn't redundant.