Tuesday, February 12, 2013


by Clifford F. Thies

What a celebration of creative genius!

The 2013 Grammy Awards were a tour de force of singing, dance, song-writing, arranging and stagecraft, with some really touching moments of remembrance of the legacy of past performers and others involving in the music industry.

In an evening of many wonderful individual performances and collaborations, the most awesome was Jack White's back-to-back numbers, "Love Interruption" and "Freedom at 21."

The first song featured Jack White with an all-girl band and accompanist. There was something going on there, chemistry or what have you, and not simply between White and the black girl joining him in the song, but also with the violinist. In contrast, I was picking up negative vibes from the drummer. It was palpable, but it was only the preliminary.

In the second song, Jack White moved to an adjacent area and joined another group and, then, oh my! It was dynamite from beginning to end. Powerful, gripping, draining. And what was the man singing about? How women nowadays can have a man locked up on a mere accusation. This is not to justify sexual assault or spousal abuse. No way. But equal injustice does not make things fair.

HuffPo has a video of Jack White's performance, so enjoy it again or for the first time:
Two other highlights deserve special comment: First, Justin Timberlake, you da man! I was not impressed by the recent release of your new songs, but your stage performance was fantastic. Totally cool. You and Jay Z and all the other performers.

Second, Prince. It was great to see this legend again in the flesh, still among the living. And what did he do? He announced one of the awards. The reaction by the duo receiving the award? "We're not worthy!" It bordered on the pathetic, actually.

There's no way I could comment on the whole of the show. Sure, there were some small items that weren't perfect. But, in the end, the tremendous diversity of music was overwhelming. Good going Grammys, now bring on the Oscars.


jgeleff said...

You really watched this self congratulatory exercise in masturbation?

Chuck said...

Justin Timberlake will never top Omeletteville.

jgeleff said...

"Omeletteville". The Jimmy Buffett song?

Chuck said...