Monday, February 18, 2013

From EBT to Welfare Fraud to straight out Robbery: Ripping off the taxpayer not much different from robbing a bank

From Eric Dondero:

Is there much difference?  A loser homeless man (read bum), was recently arrested for bank robbery in Quincy, Massachusetts.  Stephen Byrnes, 24 is the suspect in the robbery of the Eastern Bank on Franklin Street.  

Seems Mr. Byrnes has a history of theft and fraud.  He got his start in the business of thievery with EBT.

From the Patriot Ledger, "Quincy man in EBT fraud case now charged with bank robbery" Feb. 15:
This is the second time Byrnes has been arrested in less than a year. Last May, he was one of six people charged with welfare fraud by the state Attorney General’s Office for allegedly illegally selling state Electronic Benefit Transfers cards for cash. EBT cards store food stamp funds and welfare payments. 
Those arrests were connected to an alleged EBT scheme run by Quincy convenience store owner Pat Lu at Pat Mini Mart. Lu has pleaded innocent to those charges.

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