Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Freedom Party's Geert Wilders spreads his Islamo-sketicism message in Australia

Muslim protesters attempt to drown out, shut down speeches by Dutch libertarian MP 

From James Fryar:

Here is an update for American libertarian Republicans on the Geert Wilders visit to Australia. 

The government broadcaster the ABC as well as the Fairfax media are doing their best to rouse anger against the visit, while the far left has had success in making it difficult to obtain venues for him to speak at through threats of violence against them. 

From, With Wilders on the road to woe
“All faiths welcome”, the sign proclaims, a seeming endorsement of that ecumenical amity and frictionless multiculturalism of which we hear much but see a good deal less. 
Really, you had to laugh. Just up the road, where Geert Wilders was to speak and two speeding Highway Patrol cars were heading, tiles were popping off multiculturalism's gorgeous mosaic right and left. 
The cops weren’t the only ones making tracks to the Mirage reception centre, where Wilders’ appearance had been moved that day under a cloak of secrecy. He was to have spoken at a CBD venue, but that plan had to be scrapped for fear of violence. 
As the owners of the 30 halls and auditoriums across Australia who have banished the touring Dutch parliamentarian came quickly to realise, free speech isn’t a paying proposition if you have to repair the damage of a rampaging mob. Hence the Mirage, handily shielded from trespassers by a high fence and a single gate, where the police were able to establish their cordon sanitaire.
James Fryar blogs at RealWorldLibertarian.blogspot.  He lives in Central Australia.  He is an oil rigger by trade, and last year ran for the State Senate as a libertarian candidate.

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