Friday, February 15, 2013

Enchanting ethnic Russian woman woos Muslim men in southern provinces

Stilettos, instead of female combat boots on the ground?

by Eric Dondero

Newly-released video from overseas. Now this is precisely the way we should win the war on Islamism; export some of our most beautiful Western women to put on a show for the saliva-dripping sex-starved Muslim men. All protected by heavily-armed American Marines, of course.

Much more effective than women in combat.

Hitting them with Western culture, instead of intervention, is a policy is something even the Ron Paulists and left-libertarians can go along with.


Kc Lion said...


However looking beyond the fact that those Russian Women are living Goddesses, we must tread carefully.

Muslim Men have a habit of waging love Jihad.

Luring Western Women over to Islam and then ensnaring them forever.

They would take our women away from us.

John Taylor said...

Some idiots would insist they wear burkas.

Chuck said...

A fine looking tube if there ever was one. hehe