Monday, February 18, 2013

Egypt cracks down on alcohol sales, aims to stop "debauchery"

From Eric Dondero:
Here it comes... The long-anticipated move to make alcohol illegal in all of Egypt.  
From ETN Global Travel News, "Egypt moves to restrict sale of alcohol":
This week the government – led by Mohamed Morsi of the Freedom and Justice Party, which has strong links to the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood – said it will no longer issue licenses to sell alcohol in some urban areas, including newly-built “satellite cities” on the outskirts of major population centres. 
Announcing the move, Nabil Abbas, vice-president of the New Urban Communities Authority, said: “We cannot allow stores spreading debauchery in our society.” (Emphasis added.)
Although the ban is unlikely to affect any key holiday destinations – particularly Red Sea resorts such as Sharm El Sheikh – it has raised fears that growing conservatism (sic) could soon affect those travellers wishing to visit the country and enjoy a drink. One Cairo-based news website described the move as “the end of alcohol in Egypt”.
Editor's comment - Too bad these Muslims don't realize that a little debauchery from time to time, is good for the soul. 

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