Saturday, February 2, 2013

Did Bob Menendez's (alleged) young Dominican squeeze appear in a 2012 campaign ad for his reelection campaign?

Yup! That's (allegedly) her on the right

by Eric Dondero

Okay. That's it. I am officially declaring the Bob Menendez sex scandal better than Anthony Weiner. This is now even bigger than Eliot Spitzer. And perhaps even more hilarious than Bill & Monica, the John Edwards scandal, and Al Gore and the masseuse all combined.

Hat tip (self-described "libertarian") Tucker Carlson and the boys at The Daily Caller. They just uncovered a campaign commercial released in the closing days of the 2012 campaign, (his opponent Republican State Sen. Joe Kyrillos), where a young Dominican girl makes an appearance. (Take note at the end of the video how she is seated in the very front, right in front of Menendez.)

Senator Menendez is following her on Twitter. What's odd is that she appears to be the only non-government, Democrat Party related Twitterer that he's following.

It gets better... Her on-line name, "Unapologetixx." Note the two 'x's' at the end of her moniker. And of all things, she's posted a big photo of her with the Senator, his arm around her and smiling, on her InstraGram account.

Sidenote; She's even hotter in the photo than in the video above.

Imagine the multitude of campaign violations this potentially opens up. Didn't John Edwards go down for something (allegedly) similar to this? Girlfriend on the payroll. Campaign funds diverted to a secret lover.

And just how high up does this go? Menendez was Chair of the DSCC for 4 years after all. How many top Democrats, particularly top Democrat donors knew of his (allegedly) voracious appetite for young Hispanic girls?

Go to the link for DC to read the full story and to see the photo of her with Menendez. There's also a second campaign video where she makes an appearance. You won't be dissapointed! (photo credit - wizbangblog)


Ex-Dissident said...

very interesting. i didn't find a photo of her with menedez's arm around her but i did find her twitter account. it is very strange that an old geezer like menendez would be following a teenager like her.

Eric Dondero said...

The photo is at the DailyCaller link.

You're right. The creepy-ist thing about this is the age difference. Come on. He's fucking 56, screwing around with 19 year olds.


She must be disgusted by her Dad these days. Yuck!